How To Spell enable?

Correct spelling: enable

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What are the rhymes for enable?

  1. stabile, mable, stable, kable, mabel, label, hable, sable, table;
  2. cable, gable, abell, abel, able, fable;
  3. unable, disable, mislabel, unstable;

What are the translations for enable?

Afrikaans word for Enable

in staat stel om.

Bengali word for Enable

সক্ষম করা.

Chinese word for Enable


French words for Enable

permettre, activer, autoriser, favoriser, rendre possible, habiliter, faciliter, donner la possibilité.

German words for Enable

freigeben, ermöglichen, aktivieren, freischalten, einschalten, ermächtigen, möglich machen, anordnen.

Greek word for Enable


Italian words for Enable

agevolare, facilitare, consentire, permettere a.

Japanese word for Enable


Javanese word for Enable


Korean word for Enable

~할 수 있게 하다.

Malay word for Enable


Marathi word for Enable

सक्षम करा.

Norwegian word for Enable


Polish word for Enable


Romanian word for Enable


Russian words for Enable

включать, дать возможность, активировать, давать право на, давать возможность.

Spanish words for Enable

permitir, habilitar, facilitar, activar, autorizar, capacitar, posibilitar, hacer posible.

Swedish word for Enable


Ukrainian word for Enable