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How To Spell compensation?

Correct spelling: compensation

List of misspellings for compensation:

  • compensatin,
  • compensaion,
  • compsition,
  • compension,
  • componsation,
  • compesition,
  • compebsation,
  • comepnsation,
  • comprehation,
  • homogenisation,
  • comperanson,
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  • conpensation,
  • compostion,
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Related words for compensation

Compensation Court of New South Wales


The Compensation Court of New South Wales was a court in the Australian State of New South Wales. It had unlimited jurisdiction within the state in workers compensation matters.

Paul Baltes


German psychologist

Paul B. Baltes was a German psychologist whose broad scientific agenda was devoted to establishing and promoting the life-span orientation of human development. He was also a theorist in the field of the psychology of aging.

Pay without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation


Book by Jesse Fried and Lucian Bebchuk

Pay without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation is a 2004 book by professors of law Lucian Bebchuk and Jesse Fried on the power of corporate executives in the United States to influence their own pay and of the structural defects in corporate governance that grant them this power.

Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba


The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is an agency of the Government of Manitoba. It was established in 1917 in accordance with The Workers Compensation Act, which was passed the previous year.

Workmen's Compensation Board Building


Building in Toronto, Ontario

The Workmen’s Compensation Board Building, was a five-storey building that was originally home to the Workers Compensation Board of Ontario from 1953 to 1973. It was designed by the province's master architect George N. William.

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Rhymes for compensation:

  1. delineation, motivation, domestication, federation, incarceration, expropriation, divination, donation, devaluation, duration, regimentation, celebration, overvaluation, importation, inflammation, amplification, revaluation, punctuation, termination, refutation, damnation, indentation, transillumination, gratification, integration, reputation, standardization, embarkation, dramatization, complication, hibernation, discrimination, collectivization, deviation, quotation, disputation, privation, relation, confederation, reconciliation, profanation, nondiscrimination, remediation, mitigation, qualification, stagnation, destination, convocation, consolidation, adaptation, rehydration, congratulation, miscreation, russification, fermentation, precipitation, fixation, confiscation, filtration, gastrulation, communication, salvation, reclamation, echolocation, saturation, vacation, depopulation, experimentation, aviation, ossification, dalmatian, sanctification, fertilization, personification, duplication, elongation, isolation, argumentation, participation, deprivation, remuneration, sarmatian, computerization, hydrogenation, exfoliation, impersonation, consternation, designation, crustacean, graduation, inhalation, compilation, constellation, stipulation, recommendation, balkanization, conglomeration, conciliation, manifestation, creation, rededication, reflation, recantation, enumeration, depreciation, protestation, fabrication, nitration, reaffirmation, decoration, vaccination, proclamation, granulation, prognostication, sensation, exploration, deportation, litigation, condensation, navigation, conversation, computation, purification, escalation, premeditation, ordination, indemnification, incarnation, modulation, gestation, gradation, concatenation, menstruation, conjugation, privatisation, ligation, suburbanization, dissipation, approximation, emanation, imagination, jubilation, disinformation, depravation, harmonization, altercation, application, expiration, incrimination, decapitation, evaporation, cultivation, augmentation, inflation, exclamation, indication, amalgamation, irritation, transportation, decentralization, legislation, habitation, immigration, coordination, plantation, disembarkation, information, documentation, illustration, insinuation, implementation, electrification, arbitration, anticipation, mutilation, simplification, classification, migration, ornamentation, agitation, situation, consummation, correlation, contemplation, observation, formulation, simulation, reformation, retaliation, irradiation, incoordination, molestation, rotation, obligation, saponification, propagation, installation, stimulation, denomination, germination, destabilization, misapplication, masturbation, respiration, telecommunication, estimation, expectation, consideration, conservation, invalidation, obfuscation, indoctrination, perforation, visitation, demonstration, intimation, radiation, permutation, verification, corroboration, 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realization, preoccupation, extrapolation, transplantation, miscommunication, aspiration, reauthorization, mummification, depredation, accumulation, prefabrication, procreation, hospitalization, translation, recuperation, stabilization, dissertation, calculation, inauguration, utilization, animation, confirmation, determination, continuation, fluctuation, clarification, titillation, figuration, declaration, unification, intimidation, ratification, recalculation, reparation, registration, desecration, lubrication, investigation, inoculation, rumination, procrastination, retardation, notification, meditation, ministration, demonization, naturalization, renunciation, imputation, annihilation, negation, miniaturization, mineralization, reconfiguration, civilization, deforestation, reforestation, imitation, miseration, impregnation, manipulation, organisation, culmination, subsidization, regeneration, tribulation, reclassification, contamination, configuration, criminalization, nomination, 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education, notation, edification, deification, vacillation, disorientation, frustration, christianization, aggravation, usurpation, emigration, neutralization, desperation, exhortation, commercialization, resignation, oration, disintegration, incapacitation, population, predestination, emulation, politicization, confabulation, revitalization, domination, foundation, denunciation, ventilation, infiltration, subluxation, prostration, unionization, misinformation, humiliation, categorization, evaluation, maturation, dedication, lactation, misinterpretation, infestation, legalization, violation, excitation, vulgarization, instrumentation, inactivation, mechanization, renomination, nullification, bifurcation, annexation, self-congratulation, amortization, insulation, advocation, association, diversification, derivation, exacerbation, summation, exhilaration, disorganization, condemnation, desegregation, denationalization, coagulation, fascination, extermination, vibration, rejuvenation, degeneration, maximization, pressurization, sterilization, elaboration, cohabitation, presentation, degradation, perspiration, reconsideration, concentration, generalization, exploitation, capitulation, stalinization, subordination, revelation, ejaculation, dispensation, publication, hallucination, perpetuation, recrimination, repatriation, misappropriation, corporation, optation, foliation, popularization, vaporization, refrigeration, mobilization, probation, hesitation, combination, vegetation, allocation, fortification, gentrification, elimination, nationalization, polarization, dissemination;
  2. nation, ration, haitian, station;
  3. cetacean, castration, carnation, cessation, causation, citation, alsatian;
  4. aberration, accusation, acclimation, abdication, abrogation, activation;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, accommodation, acceleration, accreditation;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, acidification, cannibalization;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, americanization, antidiscrimination;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for compensation:

Arabic word for Compensation


Chinese word for Compensation


Dutch words for Compensation

vergoeding, bezoldiging, schadevergoeding, compensatie, tegenprestatie, genoegdoening, schadeloosstelling, tegemoetkoming, smartengeld.

French words for Compensation

compensation, remboursement, indemnisation, contrepartie.

German words for Compensation

Entgelt, Erstattung, Ausgleich, Entschädigung, Ersatz, Schadenersatz, Aufrechnung, Wiedergutmachung, Schadensersatz, Abgeltung, Kompensation, Ausgleichszahlung, Abfindung, Ersatzleistung, Schmerzensgeld, Ausgleichsmaßnahme, Kompensierung, Kompensationsleistung, Abstandssumme.

Greek word for Compensation


Hindi word for Compensation


Italian words for Compensation

compensazione, risarcimento, remunerazione, compenso, indennizzo, contropartita, riparazione.

Japanese words for Compensation

補償, 賠償, 対価, 埋め合わせ, 弁償, 填補, 報償, 手当て, 報償金, へんれい, ほきょう, 返礼, 贖い, 補強, ばいしょう, べんしょうきん, うめあわせ, てん補, ゆうしょう, 褒奨, あがない, 埋め合せ, べんしょう.

Javanese word for Compensation

Ganti rugi.

Korean word for Compensation


Malay word for Compensation


Norwegian word for Compensation


Polish words for Compensation

wynagrodzenie, odszkodowanie, bonifikata, rekompensata, kompensowanie, kompensacja.

Portuguese words for Compensation

ressarcimento, contrapartida, remuneração, indemnização, compensações.

Romanian word for Compensation


Russian words for Compensation

компенсация, возмещение, пособие, восполнение.

Spanish words for Compensation

reembolso, recompensa, compensación, indemnización, reintegro.

Tamil word for Compensation


Turkish word for Compensation


Ukrainian word for Compensation


Vietnamese word for Compensation

tiền đền bù.