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How To Spell designation?

Correct spelling: designation

Definition of designation:

  1. Designative.

List of misspellings for designation:

  • desitination,
  • recigintion,
  • miscegination,
  • degernation,
  • resgination,
  • desenation,
  • disinction,
  • dysfuntion,
  • disconnetion,
  • destinatioin,
  • disanation,
  • dessimination,
  • destanation,
  • desgnation,
  • designationg,
  • dstination,
  • desigination,
  • desginations,
  • designerand,
  • desinnation,
  • tschnition,
  • dezanation,
  • discimination,
  • asignation,
  • resigniation,
  • destaination,
  • discintion,
  • degisnation,
  • descimanation,
  • discimmination,
  • disgretion,
  • destnation,
  • resegnation,
  • resigination,
  • desitnation,
  • resigantion,
  • desstination,
  • designatins,
  • miscegnation,
  • disinegration,
  • miscgenation,
  • deignation,
  • desternation,
  • desanation,
  • resignition,
  • destintion,
  • dissimenation,
  • desegration,
  • destinashon,
  • desrination,
  • recignation,
  • resagnation,
  • resigntion,
  • distnation,
  • discoordination,
  • designwith,
  • discinction,
  • designin,
  • deistination,
  • destignation,
  • disignation,
  • disfuntion,
  • lexingtion,
  • desnation,
  • disorganisation,
  • misegination,
  • desigantion,
  • rezignation,
  • destenation,
  • deginition,
  • destiantion,
  • reisgnation,
  • discirmination,
  • degsingation,
  • descrimanation,
  • descimination,
  • deisgnation,
  • disticntion,
  • dysfucniton,
  • desgination,
  • destionations,
  • desrimination,
  • dessemination,
  • recignition,
  • recignision,
  • disgnations,
  • desination,
  • fasicnation,
  • disgestion,
  • disimination,
  • descention,
  • disemination,
  • desemination,
  • desingation,
  • dessication,
  • destionation,
  • resiganation,
  • deastination,
  • disemenation,
  • destiniation.

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Rhymes for designation:

  1. pollination, excommunication, modernization, obfuscation, vocation, amputation, confrontation, representation, generalization, liberation, dissociation, congregation, participation, repatriation, conflagration, fertilization, popularization, relocation, detoxification, reincarnation, sophistication, appreciation, deprivation, victimization, annihilation, commendation, coagulation, compilation, corporation, elation, disinclination, cultivation, christianization, standardization, dedication, amortization, annotation, flirtation, depopulation, codification, refrigeration, westernization, continuation, crustacean, syndication, decertification, normalization, implantation, authorization, examination, machination, denationalization, modification, conservation, identification, destabilization, hesitation, motivation, plantation, desperation, magnification, donation, graduation, documentation, neutralization, propagation, detonation, decoration, recalculation, misinterpretation, registration, estimation, sequestration, mobilization, disqualification, retardation, inauguration, utilization, remuneration, backwardation, presentation, sterilization, orchestration, denunciation, miscommunication, simplification, ratification, adulation, interpretation, location, reflation, gestation, misapplication, renomination, illumination, immigration, reinterpretation, misrepresentation, innovation, maturation, replication, tabulation, divination, inspiration, desiccation, nomination, indemnification, exoneration, exhilaration, magnetization, expropriation, hyperinflation, fluoridation, differentiation, dilation, combination, elimination, intonation, deification, ovulation, explication, deceleration, recertification, automation, industrialization, formation, disorganization, assimilation, protestation, expatriation, conglomeration, miniaturization, computerization, ostentation, contemplation, dissemination, simulation, transformation, assassination, stabilization, devastation, salvation, embarkation, indentation, recitation, characterization, inactivation, recuperation, recantation, eradication, misinformation, exclamation, vacillation, augmentation, incarceration, incorporation, precipitation, reevaluation, desalinization, corroboration, arbitration, polarization, profanation, condemnation, taxation, cremation, generation, transportation, irrigation, experimentation, mediation, valuation, derivation, nucleation, democratization, dilatation, intensification, revelation, conjugation, termination, politicization, telecommunication, indignation, emigration, discoloration, oscillation, invitation, aspiration, gasification, reservation, mutilation, punctuation, privatization, overpopulation, interrogation, collectivization, consecration, constellation, ministration, correlation, imputation, fibrillation, foundation, specialization, emulation, convocation, molestation, fumigation, exasperation, marginalization, concentration, pigmentation, reaffiliation, agitation, menstruation, glaciation, depredation, demarcation, alleviation, fabrication, indoctrination, nonproliferation, permutation, enumeration, urbanization, mitigation, animation, gentrification, subordination, retaliation, vaccination, speculation, miscreation, compensation, renegotiation, separation, vindication, desolation, reparation, hybridization, sedation, fermentation, echolocation, pronunciation, extermination, naturalization, congratulation, decapitation, consideration, reexamination, centralization, notification, lubrication, allegation, regeneration, variation, exaggeration, stagnation, implementation, demodulation, electrification, restoration, summation, altercation, regulation, confederation, ordination, liquidation, incoordination, resuscitation, coordination, pressurization, affiliation, adoration, connotation, reorganization, deflation, disembarkation, amalgamation, glorification, habitation, information, inhabitation, observation, hydration, emancipation, proliferation, stagflation, cancellation, consultation, dispensation, investigation, trepidation, origination, foliation, facilitation, authentication, reiteration, exhumation, calibration, dehydration, procreation, personalization, levitation, evaporation, falsification, pagination, respiration, disinformation, fortification, meditation, incapacitation, cogitation, unionization, depravation, elongation, perforation, expectation, qualification, cooperation, reallocation, irradiation, preparation, delegation, appellation, liberalization, corp, nationalization, croatian, rehabilitation, appalachian, emanation, rumination, securitization, preoccupation, collaboration, relaxation, excitation, quotation, clarification, purification, integration, narration, libration, sanctification, predestination, inflation, complication, importation, migration, globalization, adjudication, consolidation, balkanization, demonization, condensation, rationalization, consolation, calculation, gratification, ejaculation, harmonization, granulation, deregulation, population, evacuation, escalation, repudiation, discrimination, consternation, consummation, gradation, annexation, dramatization, certification, lactation, germination, degradation, sanitation, fluctuation, communication, culmination, capitulation, saturation, palpitation, incrimination, premeditation, ventilation, miscalculation, flotation, recommendation, maximization, insulation, affectation, disorientation, mutation, verification, formulation, education, coloration, ossification, masturbation, fixation, imitation, improvisation, coronation, disinflation, expiration, negotiation, tribulation, bifurcation, misappropriation, vegetation, commercialization, classification, remediation, equalization, perspiration, vulgarization, pacification, damnation, exacerbation, equivocation, dehumanization, extrapolation, incarnation, irritation, reconciliation, miseration, demobilization, sarmatian, inhalation, duration, declaration, reaffirmation, nitration, visualization, ramification, operation, gravitation, exfoliation, sensation, confabulation, humiliation, allocation, articulation, civilization, insemination, degeneration, infatuation, revitalization, inflammation, vilification, manipulation, visitation, infiltration, exploitation, categorization, reverberation, admiration, titillation, advocation, exhalation, reunification, initiation, ornamentation, configuration, communization, dalmatian, deliberation, realization, conciliation, intoxication, intimidation, elevation, alienation, suffocation, gyration, recreation, creation, explanation, commemoration, anticipation, proration, hydrogenation, determination, transillumination, ligation, procrastination, horatian, organisation, desalination, exploration, defamation, aviation, reconsideration, insubordination, rectification, domination, quantification, ovation, accumulation, revocation, avocation, confiscation, hallucination, frustration, implication, mummification, resignation, amplification, incubation, desecration, misidentification, rotation, adaptation, distillation, orientation, approbation, stimulation, laceration, litigation, segregation, privatisation, regimentation, affirmation, socialization, notation, denomination, validation, application, installation, substantiation, figuration, elaboration, renovation, cohabitation, usurpation, amelioration, oration, pasteurization, personification, reconfiguration, discontinuation, domestication, proclamation, transplantation, colonization, concatenation, suburbanization, evaluation, overvaluation, disintegration, vibration, agglomeration, incrustation, revaluation, dissipation, undervaluation, modulation, demoralization, dictation, celebration, association, aggravation, moderation, sedimentation, redecoration, mechanization, depreciation, reauthorization, computation, gastrulation, relation, strangulation, specification, triangulation, dissertation, inundation, infestation, limitation, hibernation, jubilation, reformation, recrimination, malformation, prognostication, vaporization, evocation, negation, impersonation, constipation, devaluation, translation, multiplication, decentralization, mineralization, deportation, vacation, prefabrication, appropriation, legalization, dislocation, localization, toleration, confirmation, filtration, isolation, delineation, impregnation, prostration, invocation, alteration, excavation, occupation, publication, immunization, hospitalization, instrumentation, indication, destination, insinuation, exhortation, criminalization, affrication, subluxation, refutation, stalinization, segmentation, imagination, subsidization, fascination, contamination, inoculation, reconfirmation, violation, deforestation, perpetuation, reclassification, renunciation, oxidation, desegregation, fragmentation, reputation, decontamination, obligation, radiation, manifestation, nondiscrimination, conversation, disputation, incantation, rededication, diversification, nullification, temptation, rejuvenation, argumentation, navigation, stipulation, optation, unification, saponification, starvation, illustration, provocation, federation, monopolization, justification, invalidation, optimization, preservation, demonstration, reclamation, ionization, duplication, pontification, approximation, legislation, russification, self-congratulation, situation, privation, edification, deviation, reforestation, reinvigoration, medication, solicitation, probation, inclination, rehydration, deformation, instigation, organization, equitation, indexation, perturbation, intimation;
  2. station, haitian, ration, nation;
  3. cessation, citation, castration, causation, alsatian, cetacean, carnation;
  4. acclimation, abdication, abrogation, accusation, activation, aberration;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination;
  6. cannibalization, acidification, capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for designation:

Catalan word for Designation


French words for Designation

titre, classification, désignation.

German words for Designation

Bestimmung, Ernennung, Appellation, Angabe, Bezeichnung, Benennung, Kennzeichnung, Beschriftung, Ausweisung, Identifizierung, Einstufung, Designierung, Nomination.

Polish words for Designation

przeznaczenie, oznaczenie, wyznaczenie, wyznaczanie, miano, desygnowanie, desygnacja.

Russian words for Designation

наименование, называние.

Spanish words for Designation

nombramiento, denominación.