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How To Spell dispensation?

Correct spelling: dispensation

Definition of dispensation:

  1. an exemption from some rule or obligation

List of misspellings for dispensation:

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Anthony Turner


Blessed Anthony Turner was an English Jesuit and victim of the fabricated Popish Plot, who was falsely accused, convicted and executed for conspiracy to murder Charles II. He was beatified in 1929.

Georg Anton Urlaub



Georg Anton Urlaub was a Baroque painter from Franconia. He was associated for part of his career with the court of the prince bishop of Würzburg and painted portraits and also many frescoes and altarpieces for churches in Lower Franconia.

Hugh of Amiens


Hugh of Amiens, monk of Cluny, prior of Limoges, prior of Lewes, abbot of Reading and archbishop of Rouen, was a 12th-century Picard-French Benedictine prelate.

Philipp II, Count of Hanau-Lichtenberg


Philipp II of Hanau-Lichtenberg ruled the County of Hanau-Lichtenberg from 1480 until his death.

Wartislaw VIII, Duke of Pomerania


Wartislaw VIII was a duke of Pomerania from the House of Griffins house. He ruled in Pomerania-Wolgast from 1394 together with his brother Barnim VI. After Barnim died in 1405, he ruled alone.

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Quotes for dispensation:

  1. The world has not been in existence from eternity nor could it have been according to the present dispensation and ordering of things.
  2. It is the desire of our hearts, and as we believe God's will under this dispensation, that all the children of God should be gathered together as such, and, consequently, as not of the world.

Rhymes for dispensation:

  1. extrapolation, expectation, isolation, extermination, rotation, demonstration, identification, articulation, perforation, sensation, ratification, disembarkation, precipitation, dictation, marginalization, emanation, deflation, animation, annihilation, miniaturization, compilation, correlation, vulgarization, decentralization, translation, evaporation, misrepresentation, balkanization, qualification, mechanization, saponification, devaluation, degradation, proliferation, nitration, palpitation, elevation, prefabrication, reaffiliation, humiliation, litigation, consolation, pagination, permutation, vilification, legislation, refrigeration, democratization, exoneration, demarcation, dilatation, solicitation, overpopulation, multiplication, transplantation, allegation, inclination, intoxication, categorization, tribulation, reconfiguration, migration, calculation, validation, calibration, reflation, demodulation, orchestration, prostration, mobilization, preservation, decapitation, optation, distillation, characterization, computerization, liberalization, destabilization, annexation, ventilation, irritation, strangulation, perpetuation, desalinization, decontamination, germination, falsification, stipulation, corporation, remuneration, socialization, donation, syndication, congregation, inspiration, molestation, visitation, dedication, magnification, miscreation, vindication, normalization, denomination, pasteurization, certification, summation, deliberation, reservation, domination, diversification, reparation, rumination, depopulation, fluoridation, dissertation, confirmation, demonization, consummation, perspiration, insubordination, deprivation, affirmation, amputation, colonization, figuration, emancipation, facilitation, telecommunication, punctuation, disqualification, vaporization, dissemination, excavation, proclamation, liquidation, reputation, predestination, christianization, cancellation, exacerbation, negotiation, revaluation, sanitation, levitation, exclamation, subordination, rationalization, stagnation, fortification, disinclination, inhabitation, gyration, imitation, aspiration, desolation, contamination, remediation, urbanization, information, authentication, ornamentation, cooperation, evaluation, discontinuation, sarmatian, glorification, conjugation, preoccupation, incoordination, equitation, differentiation, limitation, edification, hybridization, replication, reconfirmation, gratification, misinterpretation, rehydration, concentration, exhalation, transportation, aggravation, duplication, flirtation, sophistication, decoration, depredation, echolocation, combination, incrustation, deforestation, amortization, premeditation, adaptation, experimentation, expatriation, integration, corroboration, flotation, deregulation, vaccination, sedation, fertilization, incarceration, conservation, obfuscation, illustration, corp, toleration, degeneration, narration, decertification, infatuation, documentation, confiscation, interpretation, hallucination, revocation, misidentification, resuscitation, alteration, exhilaration, confrontation, repatriation, miscommunication, implementation, escalation, exaggeration, ionization, installation, intonation, condemnation, lactation, privation, nonproliferation, importation, restoration, sedimentation, collaboration, illumination, evacuation, recertification, motivation, notification, ordination, invalidation, stimulation, stabilization, creation, mummification, graduation, saturation, specialization, hydrogenation, popularization, inflation, misapplication, insemination, salvation, vibration, renunciation, generation, admiration, globalization, manipulation, profanation, protestation, consideration, coronation, criminalization, improvisation, civilization, elongation, destination, accumulation, reverberation, association, imagination, indication, convocation, neutralization, hospitalization, orientation, dramatization, miscalculation, transformation, relaxation, hibernation, approbation, pronunciation, granulation, commendation, estimation, explanation, confabulation, cohabitation, retaliation, operation, ligation, participation, desiccation, optimization, lubrication, russification, ministration, organization, oration, examination, gastrulation, infiltration, recantation, intimation, obligation, recuperation, respiration, incorporation, medication, rededication, inundation, preparation, pontification, fluctuation, reclassification, appropriation, harmonization, liberation, reformation, ejaculation, hydration, reauthorization, modulation, divination, delegation, mediation, consolidation, interrogation, revitalization, confederation, nationalization, mitigation, stagflation, crustacean, titillation, emigration, misinformation, gentrification, transillumination, manifestation, standardization, disorganization, privatisation, augmentation, dehumanization, equalization, deceleration, unionization, nucleation, deportation, exhumation, irrigation, annotation, cremation, starvation, consternation, commercialization, perturbation, affrication, reclamation, continuation, simplification, quantification, disputation, substantiation, separation, emulation, altercation, pressurization, malformation, avocation, relation, retardation, eradication, hyperinflation, rejuvenation, negation, depreciation, appalachian, radiation, reforestation, affiliation, meditation, intimidation, fragmentation, occupation, mutation, invocation, realization, coagulation, taxation, ovulation, desecration, westernization, contemplation, notation, demobilization, pigmentation, disorientation, repudiation, allocation, defamation, clarification, concatenation, disinflation, conciliation, renegotiation, modification, adulation, insinuation, organisation, maximization, sanctification, enumeration, oxidation, privatization, disintegration, fumigation, investigation, rectification, imputation, commemoration, detoxification, vegetation, indemnification, ossification, elimination, denationalization, impregnation, incrimination, codification, foliation, exhortation, self-congratulation, determination, recalculation, ramification, dilation, subluxation, dalmatian, unification, appellation, desegregation, renomination, publication, coordination, laceration, gradation, recrimination, assimilation, equivocation, adjudication, naturalization, automation, fixation, dissociation, devastation, reiteration, registration, capitulation, sequestration, provocation, incubation, incapacitation, amalgamation, condensation, intensification, collectivization, origination, amplification, cogitation, glaciation, foundation, temptation, personalization, recommendation, prognostication, computation, invitation, domestication, mineralization, proration, evocation, initiation, formation, vocation, consecration, impersonation, securitization, conflagration, rehabilitation, exasperation, federation, quotation, machination, agglomeration, monopolization, damnation, denunciation, reconsideration, procrastination, exploration, reinterpretation, reevaluation, consultation, adoration, sterilization, conversation, indentation, utilization, menstruation, termination, valuation, electrification, vacillation, redecoration, congratulation, variation, industrialization, usurpation, reincarnation, backwardation, indexation, overvaluation, segregation, suffocation, culmination, generalization, polarization, inflammation, refutation, elaboration, alleviation, irradiation, resignation, gravitation, inactivation, purification, depravation, fabrication, undervaluation, politicization, disinformation, indignation, nondiscrimination, observation, exfoliation, jubilation, vacation, relocation, ostentation, detonation, bifurcation, declaration, reallocation, speculation, arbitration, approximation, modernization, reorganization, instrumentation, desperation, segmentation, location, oscillation, incarnation, explication, gasification, configuration, personification, simulation, centralization, insulation, incantation, compensation, reinvigoration, subsidization, specification, implantation, expiration, deviation, justification, duration, miseration, suburbanization, dehydration, alienation, assassination, frustration, magnetization, exploitation, masturbation, desalination, recreation, fibrillation, affectation, argumentation, verification, plantation, innovation, communization, application, classification, elation, dissipation, education, reunification, regeneration, celebration, constipation, anticipation, revelation, connotation, aviation, authorization, indoctrination, inoculation, trepidation, hesitation, tabulation, demoralization, infestation, deformation, propagation, probation, misappropriation, maturation, deification, immunization, pacification, localization, fermentation, regimentation, stalinization, excommunication, mutilation, population, representation, complication, navigation, pollination, discrimination, filtration, cultivation, instigation, constellation, inauguration, legalization, fascination, renovation, regulation, expropriation, victimization, libration, discoloration, dislocation, ovation, nomination, reconciliation, derivation, gestation, nullification, violation, reaffirmation, coloration, habitation, procreation, moderation, designation, delineation, presentation, amelioration, visualization, excitation, horatian, implication, conglomeration, inhalation, formulation, advocation, communication, triangulation, recitation, embarkation, agitation, situation, immigration, appreciation, reexamination, croatian;
  2. haitian, station, nation, ration;
  3. alsatian, castration, carnation, causation, cessation, citation, cetacean;
  4. acclimation, abdication, accusation, activation, abrogation, aberration;
  5. accreditation, accommodation, acceleration, abomination, abbreviation;
  6. acidification, cannibalization, alphabetization, capitalization;
  7. americanization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for dispensation:

Afrikaans word for Dispensation


Arabic word for Dispensation


Bengali word for Dispensation


French words for Dispensation

dispense, permission, exercice, exemption, dispensation.

German words for Dispensation

Verzicht, Befreiung, Verteilung, Distribution, Zuteilung, Gabe, Austeilung, Wegfall, Zeitalter, Glaubenssystem, göttliche Fügung.

Hindi word for Dispensation

ऋण वितरण.

Italian word for Dispensation


Japanese word for Dispensation


Korean word for Dispensation

경륜의 시대.

Malay word for Dispensation


Norwegian word for Dispensation


Polish word for Dispensation


Portuguese word for Dispensation


Romanian word for Dispensation


Russian word for Dispensation


Swedish word for Dispensation


Tamil word for Dispensation


Turkish word for Dispensation


Ukrainian word for Dispensation