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How To Spell adjudication?

Correct spelling: adjudication

Definition of adjudication:

  1. The act of adjudging; judgment or decision of a court.

List of misspellings for adjudication:

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Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC


Court case

Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC, 715 F. Supp. 2d 481, is a United States district court case in which the Southern District of New York held that Lime Group LLC, the defendant, induced copyright infringement with its peer-to-peer file sharing software, LimeWire.

Connection Distributing Co. v. Holder


Case in court

Connection Distributing Co. v. Holder, 557 F.3d 321 is a case in which the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit held that the record-keeping provisions of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act did not violate the First Amendment.

GSIS-Meralco bribery case


Legal case

The GSIS-Meralco case is a political controversy and pending legal case being heard by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. This complex case began with a complaint filed by the Philippines' Government Service Insurance System with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines questioning the unvalidated proxy votes used by the Lopez family in a board election of the Manila Electric Company.

Raj Bhala



Rakesh "Raj" Kumar Bhala is an Indian-American lawyer and professor, prominent in the fields of International Trade Law and Islamic Law. He is the inaugural Leo S.

United States v. Utah Construction & Mining Co.


Court case

United States v. Utah Construction & Mining Company, 384 U.S. 394, is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that "hen an administrative agency is acting in a judicial capacity and resolves disputed issues of fact properly before it which the parties have had an adequate opportunity to litigate, the courts have not hesitated to apply res judicata to enforce repose."

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Quotes for adjudication:

  1. You get to a point where the factual adjudication doesn't matter because there are all these other outlets that are far less responsible, all talking about the ad, some of which have a political reason for promoting it.

Rhymes for adjudication:

  1. figuration, experimentation, imputation, rumination, reiteration, insemination, delegation, dictation, recommendation, pacification, configuration, appropriation, moderation, gastrulation, transplantation, glaciation, hyperinflation, determination, amputation, preoccupation, unionization, explanation, articulation, stagflation, detonation, instrumentation, pollination, profanation, reformation, eradication, fabrication, equivocation, concentration, consideration, obfuscation, inflammation, vocation, incorporation, crustacean, hydration, miscreation, expatriation, rehabilitation, incarceration, modification, indignation, revelation, decontamination, consolation, predestination, approbation, privatization, variation, mutation, education, globalization, elation, authentication, disorientation, compensation, degeneration, incapacitation, adaptation, fibrillation, remediation, vacation, retardation, aspiration, irradiation, disinflation, capitulation, hydrogenation, discoloration, constipation, disputation, damnation, corporation, assassination, disembarkation, demarcation, harmonization, recrimination, emancipation, infestation, conversation, mediation, evaluation, interrogation, gyration, miniaturization, orchestration, infiltration, imagination, pigmentation, expectation, domestication, observation, rationalization, concatenation, flotation, molestation, duration, accumulation, misidentification, rejuvenation, plantation, demodulation, ossification, saturation, recuperation, confabulation, designation, evacuation, incarnation, expiration, incubation, fascination, graduation, solicitation, palpitation, estimation, nationalization, magnetization, mitigation, reorganization, subsidization, exaggeration, democratization, integration, agglomeration, evaporation, utilization, vulgarization, indentation, migration, cultivation, sequestration, fluoridation, notation, inclination, elaboration, invitation, elevation, incantation, vilification, unification, proliferation, mummification, deification, illumination, perforation, commemoration, popularization, origination, publication, violation, compilation, culmination, ovation, federation, appreciation, hospitalization, misappropriation, fragmentation, sanctification, cohabitation, liberalization, medication, congregation, substantiation, granulation, reflation, reputation, precipitation, recreation, intimidation, reforestation, trepidation, association, sedation, communization, gravitation, gestation, intensification, separation, exhilaration, decapitation, neutralization, creation, misapplication, improvisation, amortization, hallucination, incrimination, expropriation, manifestation, conflagration, ionization, exoneration, polarization, westernization, sophistication, rededication, fortification, industrialization, gasification, fluctuation, humiliation, elimination, modulation, stabilization, malformation, incrustation, appalachian, reaffirmation, discontinuation, navigation, annexation, affiliation, enumeration, normalization, pagination, dehydration, isolation, declaration, procrastination, deflation, delineation, reconfirmation, mutilation, presentation, corroboration, animation, civilization, avocation, libration, indoctrination, modernization, celebration, affectation, fermentation, monopolization, destabilization, exhortation, negotiation, resuscitation, initiation, consolidation, recalculation, proration, renomination, sensation, falsification, denunciation, collaboration, transportation, registration, valuation, strangulation, consecration, frustration, justification, prognostication, confrontation, foundation, localization, transformation, vegetation, coronation, ovulation, appellation, corp, reinterpretation, donation, meditation, situation, contemplation, conciliation, recitation, ornamentation, implementation, aggravation, ratification, approximation, elongation, facilitation, condensation, probation, victimization, sanitation, segmentation, altercation, litigation, communication, connotation, advocation, discrimination, conglomeration, oration, arbitration, negation, clarification, occupation, excitation, summation, amelioration, retaliation, preservation, constellation, lactation, annotation, indemnification, innovation, ostentation, reconsideration, participation, cremation, denomination, christianization, allocation, liberation, exfoliation, devaluation, titillation, admiration, premeditation, dislocation, reinvigoration, misinterpretation, dilation, renegotiation, alteration, nomination, nullification, deviation, allegation, quotation, decentralization, echolocation, inauguration, subordination, operation, russification, desperation, depravation, decoration, consternation, miseration, depopulation, triangulation, detoxification, rotation, reauthorization, flirtation, remuneration, syndication, privation, infatuation, pressurization, nucleation, mineralization, excommunication, intonation, incoordination, ejaculation, exploitation, population, imitation, standardization, calculation, salvation, devastation, specialization, insubordination, sarmatian, condemnation, ligation, amplification, vaccination, usurpation, relaxation, reclamation, fumigation, vindication, resignation, depredation, suffocation, combination, limitation, narration, nonproliferation, refutation, socialization, exploration, dissipation, exhalation, impersonation, irrigation, calibration, qualification, renovation, levitation, replication, inhabitation, desiccation, toleration, suburbanization, provocation, formulation, generation, oscillation, filtration, information, disorganization, revitalization, confirmation, multiplication, alienation, reallocation, duplication, naturalization, subluxation, dissemination, visitation, commendation, cooperation, relocation, optimization, foliation, adoration, reconfiguration, segregation, complication, radiation, computerization, regulation, rectification, legalization, procreation, validation, inactivation, denationalization, colonization, repatriation, self-congratulation, reincarnation, vibration, impregnation, organization, deformation, implantation, argumentation, obligation, insulation, emigration, prefabrication, indexation, relation, redecoration, invocation, propagation, starvation, rehydration, visualization, exhumation, respiration, revocation, speculation, punctuation, affrication, misrepresentation, cogitation, diversification, dissociation, dedication, glorification, lubrication, deregulation, permutation, intoxication, reclassification, ventilation, agitation, disinclination, defamation, securitization, indication, machination, masturbation, insinuation, maturation, repudiation, realization, restoration, croatian, depreciation, translation, regeneration, conjugation, embarkation, classification, perpetuation, coloration, identification, illustration, vacillation, destination, preparation, generalization, disqualification, documentation, confederation, miscommunication, misinformation, mobilization, domination, stipulation, invalidation, reevaluation, menstruation, criminalization, germination, reservation, vaporization, deforestation, confiscation, assimilation, gradation, amalgamation, recantation, demonstration, immunization, affirmation, inflation, excavation, aviation, exasperation, demoralization, motivation, demonization, urbanization, application, congratulation, categorization, computation, ordination, interpretation, evocation, characterization, prostration, degradation, dalmatian, maximization, electrification, desolation, marginalization, reunification, pontification, centralization, representation, balkanization, augmentation, organisation, stimulation, escalation, desegregation, simplification, pasteurization, quantification, fixation, investigation, specification, pronunciation, deprivation, installation, bifurcation, equalization, verification, manipulation, optation, ramification, equitation, dissertation, simulation, annihilation, proclamation, deportation, magnification, tribulation, taxation, nitration, inundation, codification, divination, consummation, renunciation, decertification, adulation, personification, reaffiliation, alleviation, undervaluation, coagulation, exclamation, irritation, inhalation, regimentation, termination, desecration, backwardation, dehumanization, stagnation, liquidation, emanation, examination, desalination, automation, overpopulation, inspiration, saponification, authorization, continuation, dispensation, perturbation, recertification, cancellation, notification, politicization, fertilization, disinformation, reparation, contamination, gratification, desalinization, overvaluation, revaluation, personalization, distillation, purification, differentiation, habitation, inoculation, hybridization, dramatization, disintegration, mechanization, reconciliation, jubilation, telecommunication, anticipation, importation, deceleration, formation, certification, demobilization, edification, intimation, horatian, location, correlation, oxidation, emulation, perspiration, coordination, refrigeration, reexamination, exacerbation, sedimentation, legislation, immigration, privatisation, miscalculation, hesitation, explication, tabulation, reverberation, dilatation, protestation, conservation, implication, extermination, ministration, laceration, hibernation, consultation, nondiscrimination, sterilization, transillumination, gentrification, derivation, temptation, commercialization, collectivization, extrapolation, instigation, deliberation, convocation, orientation, stalinization;
  2. station, nation, haitian, ration;
  3. castration, alsatian, causation, cetacean, citation, carnation, cessation;
  4. abdication, aberration, acclimation, accusation, activation, abrogation;
  5. acceleration, abomination, abbreviation, accommodation, accreditation;
  6. cannibalization, alphabetization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. antidiscrimination, decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for adjudication:

Chinese word for Adjudication


Dutch word for Adjudication


French word for Adjudication


German words for Adjudication

Beurteilung, Anordnung, Zuerkennung, Entscheidung, Urteil, Arbitrage, Gerichtsbeschluss, Adjudikation, Urteilsfindung, gerichtliche Urteilsfindung, gerichtliches Urteil.

Greek word for Adjudication


Hindi word for Adjudication


Italian word for Adjudication


Malay word for Adjudication


Marathi word for Adjudication


Norwegian word for Adjudication


Polish word for Adjudication


Romanian word for Adjudication


Russian word for Adjudication

вынесение судебного решения.

Spanish words for Adjudication

fallo, sentencia, subasta, arbitraje.

Swedish word for Adjudication


Tamil word for Adjudication

நீதி மன்றமானது.

Turkish word for Adjudication


Ukrainian word for Adjudication

винесення судового рішення.