How To Spell gray?

Correct spelling: gray

What is the definition of gray?

  1. horse of a light grey or whitish color

What does the abbreviation gray mean?


Gray as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Gray is "gray-haired". Poet Thomas Gray.

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This graph shows how "gray" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for gray?

  1. k, rae, grey, spray, weigh, frey, dey, fey, ray, brae, se, neigh, play, paye, jay, hay, kay, haye, gway, pei, tay, nej, bey, graye, shay, saye, wray, sway, sleigh, shea, yay, slay, fe, lei, mei, ay, fray, nay, say, bray, bay, tae, day, they, waye, ney, kaye, prey, wy, hwe, re, rey, cay, de, pray, stray, mey, jae, cray, jaye, tray, sta, ca, daye, faye, may, lay, mae, stay, sze, flay, wei, maye, fay, clay, ley, whey, khe, quai, trey, brey, dray, wey, vey, way, dae, pay, quay, che, blay, lait, drey, klay, hey, j, yea, gaye, ae, raye, ne;
  2. survey, ballet, cache, parquet, cathay, sergei, risque, gervais, mcveigh, portray, prepay, passe, delray, b-j, away, croquet, ha, dismay, olay, belay, oj, saute, nikkei, delay, abbe, ga, macrae, carre, ole, obey, asay, cliche, renee, buffet, beret, valet, hooray, fillet, okay, repay, bombay, mckay, da, millay, astray, toupee, chalet, filet, calais, levey, defray, replay, convey, manet, allay, bouquet, mackay, essay, o'shea, dk, hurray, betray, array, nisei, jose, dossier, sorbet, crochet, today, hervey, halfway, moray, decay, orsay, souffle, rene, display, mccrea, beauvais, monet, puree, purvey, ek, soiree, cafe;
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What are the translations for gray?

Chinese words for Gray

灰, 灰色, 浅黑.

Dutch words for Gray

grijs, grauw.

French words for Gray

gris, morne.

German words for Gray

Schimmel, grau, Gray.

Italian word for Gray


Japanese words for Gray

灰色, 鼠色, 芦毛, はいいろ, あし毛, ねずみ色, あしげ, かいはく, しもをおいた, ねずみいろ, 霜を置いた, 葦毛, 灰白.

Portuguese words for Gray

cinza, cinzento, acinzentada, acinzentado, acinzentados, nebulosas, ruço, plúmbeo.

Russian words for Gray

серый, хмурый, сивый, сумрачный, сизый, смурной, невесёлый, нейтральный, седоволосый, дымный.

Spanish words for Gray

caño, canoso.