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How To Spell gray?

Correct spelling: gray

Definition of gray:

  1. horse of a light grey or whitish color

List of misspellings for gray:

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What does the abbreviation gray mean?


Gray as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Gray is "gray-haired". Poet Thomas Gray.

Related words for gray

Derwin Gray



Derwin L. Gray is a former professional football player in the NFL and the Founding and Lead Pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina, outside the Charlotte, NC area.

Dunc Gray


Australian cyclist

Edgar Laurence "Dunc" Gray was an Australian track cyclist and Olympian. Gray was born in Goulburn, New South Wales. He was called 'Dunc', which dates back to school where he was called 'Dunc' and this was later was extended to 'Duncan'.

Jake Gray


English soccer player

Jake Stephen Gray is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for League Two club Yeovil Town.

Julian Gray


Soccer player

Julian Raymond Marvin Gray is an English professional footballer who last played for Walsall. He previously played in the Football League and Premier League for Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Cardiff City, Birmingham City, Coventry City, Fulham, Barnsley and Walsall, and in Cyprus for Nea Salamis Famagusta.

Robin Gray


Australian Politician

Robin Trevor Gray is a former Australian politician who was Premier of Tasmania from 1982 to 1989. A Liberal, he was elected Liberal state leader in 1981 and in 1982 defeated the Labor government of Harry Holgate on a policy of "state development," particularly the building of the Franklin Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Franklin River.

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Rhymes for gray:

  1. k, rae, grey, spray, weigh, frey, dey, fey, ray, brae, se, neigh, play, paye, jay, hay, kay, haye, gway, pei, tay, nej, bey, graye, shay, saye, wray, sway, sleigh, shea, yay, slay, fe, lei, mei, ay, fray, nay, say, bray, bay, tae, day, they, waye, ney, kaye, prey, wy, hwe, re, rey, cay, de, pray, stray, mey, jae, cray, jaye, tray, sta, ca, daye, faye, may, lay, mae, stay, sze, flay, wei, maye, fay, clay, ley, whey, khe, quai, trey, brey, dray, wey, vey, way, dae, pay, quay, che, blay, lait, drey, klay, hey, j, yea, gaye, ae, raye, ne;
  2. survey, ballet, cache, parquet, cathay, sergei, risque, gervais, mcveigh, portray, prepay, passe, delray, b-j, away, croquet, ha, dismay, olay, belay, oj, saute, nikkei, delay, abbe, ga, macrae, carre, ole, obey, asay, cliche, renee, buffet, beret, valet, hooray, fillet, okay, repay, bombay, mckay, da, millay, astray, toupee, chalet, filet, calais, levey, defray, replay, convey, manet, allay, bouquet, mackay, essay, o'shea, dk, hurray, betray, array, nisei, jose, dossier, sorbet, crochet, today, hervey, halfway, moray, decay, orsay, souffle, rene, display, mccrea, beauvais, monet, puree, purvey, ek, soiree, cafe;
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Translations for gray:

Chinese words for Gray

灰, 灰色, 浅黑.

Dutch words for Gray

grijs, grauw.

French words for Gray

gris, morne.

German words for Gray

Schimmel, grau, Gray.

Italian word for Gray


Japanese words for Gray

灰色, 鼠色, 芦毛, はいいろ, あし毛, ねずみ色, あしげ, かいはく, しもをおいた, ねずみいろ, 霜を置いた, 葦毛, 灰白.

Portuguese words for Gray

cinza, cinzento, acinzentada, acinzentado, acinzentados, nebulosas, ruço, plúmbeo.

Russian words for Gray

серый, хмурый, сивый, сумрачный, сизый, смурной, невесёлый, нейтральный, седоволосый, дымный.

Spanish words for Gray

caño, canoso.