How To Spell difficult?

Correct spelling: difficult

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What is the definition of difficult?

  1. requiring much effort and trouble; "the mountain climb was long, steep, and difficult"

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What are the translations for difficult?

Afrikaans word for Difficult


Chinese word for Difficult


Dutch words for Difficult

pittig, ingewikkeld, moeilijk, zwaar, gecompliceerd, netelig, stroef, moeizaam.

French word for Difficult


German words for Difficult

hart, schwierig, schwer, misslich, komplex, kompliziert, lästig, Angel, beschwerlich, trotzig, diffizil, fummelig, problematisch.

Greek word for Difficult


Hindi word for Difficult


Japanese words for Difficult

大変, 苦しい, むずい, 遣り難い, びみょう, くるしい, しまつがわるい, なやましげ, やり難い, 始末が悪い, 困難な.

Korean word for Difficult


Malay word for Difficult


Norwegian word for Difficult


Polish word for Difficult


Portuguese words for Difficult

difícil, árduo, trabalhoso, complexo, custoso, dificultado, delicadas.

Romanian word for Difficult


Spanish words for Difficult

delicado, duro, complejo, pesado, complicado, penoso, dificultada, intrincado, adverso, laborioso, peliagudo, dificultoso, trabajoso.