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What are the rhymes for hard?

  1. card, starred, parde, charred, yard, lard, nard, ard, sparred, bard, guard, gard, garde, chard, shard, barred, sward, marred, scarred, tarred, jarred;
  2. discard, picard, bombard, gerard, gillard, belgard, jarrard, renard, burchard, rennard, godard, byard, fayard, menard, alard, girard, barnard, gaspard, gallard, disbarred, billard, regard, canard, ricard, bernard, archard, burnard;
  3. disregard, avant-garde;

What are the translations for hard?

Chinese words for Hard

硬, 辛苦, 刚, 辛勤, 沉重, 礐, 翘硬, 凋敝.

Dutch words for Hard

vast, moeilijk, hard, robuust, intensief, sterk, krachtig, zwaar, wreed, nors, onbuigzaam, energiek, hardvochtig, taai.

French words for Hard

difficiles, difficile, coriace, firme, assidu, intense, pénible, rigoureux, sévère, tangible, calcaire, ferme, ardu, durci, sur papier.

German words for Hard

Dur, hart, schwierig, fest, schwer, stark, streng, scharf, rigide, heftig, kraftvoll, lästig, anstrengend, unnachgiebig, rüde, prall, mühevoll, fort, kalkhaltig, verzwickt, diffizil.

Greek word for Hard


Italian words for Hard

grande, impegnativo, faticoso.

Japanese words for Hard

難しい, 堅い, 硬い, たいへん, にくい, 堅し, 難し, かた焼き, ぎゅって, 豪, ぎゅっと, 硬し, かた焼, がたい, かたし, 堅焼き, 悩ましい, べったり, 固焼, なやましい, ごっつい, むつかしい, 難い, 固し, かたやき, 営々.

Malay word for Hard


Marathi word for Hard


Norwegian word for Hard


Polish word for Hard


Portuguese words for Hard

sério, difícil, árduo, forte, rijo, rígida, forçados.

Romanian word for Hard


Russian words for Hard

трудный, тяжёлый, нелёгкий.

Spanish words for Hard

duro, fuerte, severo, mucho, intenso, pesado, complicado, duramente, penoso, endurecido, firmemente, laborioso, arduamente, fuertemente, pesadamente, con fuerza.

Tamil word for Hard