How To Spell harm?

Correct spelling: harm

What is the definition of harm?

  1. the occurrence of a change for the worse

What does the abbreviation harm mean?


Harm as a boy's name.
  • Hiram,
  • Hyram,
  • Hirom,
  • Hyrum.

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What are the rhymes for harm?

  1. farm, charm, arm;
  2. disarm, forearm, unarm, nonfarm, alarm, rearm;
  3. underarm;

What are the translations for harm?

Afrikaans word for Harm


Arabic word for Harm


Chinese words for Harm

害, 损, 弊, 祸害, 坏处, 害处.

Danish word for Harm


Dutch words for Harm

kwaad, schade berokkenen, krenken, kwaad doen, kwetsen, leed, letsel, verwonden, nadeel, afbreuk, onrecht, aandoen, pijn doen, letsel toebrengen, benadelen.

French words for Harm

dommage, endommager, préjudice, nuire, nuire à, blesser.

German words for Harm

Tun, schaden, Verletzung, verletzen, schädigen, Leid, beschädigen, abträglich sein, zuleide tun, antun, wehtun, ein Leid antun, Unheil, Unglück, körperlicher Schaden, schade, Mal, Tort.

Greek word for Harm


Italian word for Harm


Japanese words for Harm

害, 危害, 害する, 危害を加える, 損ねる, 害悪, かがい, 不都合, 寇する, 仇, きがいをくわえる, あだする, 賊害, ふつごう, 弊, へい, あたする, あた, 禍害, あたん, きがい, ぞくがい, 仇する, そこねる, 寇, がいあく, がいどく, ひがい, どく.

Javanese word for Harm

Gawe piala.

Korean word for Harm


Malay word for Harm


Polish words for Harm

uszkodzenie, szkoda, uszczerbek, krzywda, zaszkodzić.

Portuguese words for Harm

danificar, prejudicar, magoar, perigo, machucar, ferir, afetar, causar danos a, prejuízos, malefício, agravos, lesar, ser nocivo a, ser prejudicial para.

Romanian word for Harm

a răni.

Russian word for Harm


Spanish words for Harm

afectar, manchar, daño, perjudicar, peligro, hacer daño, perjuicio, lastimar, desventaja, detrimento, ofensa, estrago, perjuicios, causar daños, sufrir daños.

Swedish word for Harm


Turkish word for Harm


Ukrainian word for Harm


Vietnamese word for Harm

làm hại.