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How To Spell cool?

Correct spelling: cool

Definition of cool:

  1. the quality of being cool; "the cool of early morning"

List of misspellings for cool:

  • coclor,
  • coule,
  • lcoal,
  • colour,
  • jeol,
  • rool,
  • colpor,
  • youo'll,
  • coom,
  • coll,
  • codul,
  • canoli,
  • coolr,
  • cloely,
  • coupl,
  • llook,
  • boccoli,
  • scoil,
  • couold,
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  • cycl,
  • coudl,
  • bookl,
  • skool,
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What does the abbreviation cool mean?

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A Cool, Dry Place


1998 film

A Cool, Dry Place is a 1998 drama movie adapted by Matthew McDuffie from the 1996 novel Dance Real Slow by Michael Grant Jaffe. It was directed by John N. Smith. The movie stars Vince Vaughn, Monica Potter, Joey Lauren Adams and Bobby Moat.

Hot, Cool & Vicious


Album by Salt-N-Pepa

Hot, Cool, & Vicious is the 1986 debut album by American rap group Salt-n-Pepa. Released by Next Plateau Records on December 8, 1986, It was one of the first albums to be released by an all-female rap group.



2011 film

Starbuck is a 2011 Canadian comedy film directed by Ken Scott and written by Scott and Martin Petit. It stars Patrick Huard, Antoine Bertrand, and Julie LeBreton as the main character, his friend/lawyer, and his girlfriend, respectively.

Teenage Cool Kids


Rock band

Teenage Cool Kids were an indie rock group from Denton, Texas. The band started in summer 2006 by Andrew Savage, later joined by Daniel Zeigler whom Savage met while attending the University of North Texas in Denton.

The Cool War


Novel by Frederik Pohl

The Cool War is a science fiction novel by American writer Frederik Pohl, published in 1981 by Del Rey Books.

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Quotes for cool:

  1. I just saw the movie for the first time in its entirely last night. It's really cool when you're in with an audience that's so tuned in and plugged in to what's going on.
  2. When I left Europe in 1987 I did so with the thought that my relevance as a composition teacher would benefit from a certain cool distance to certain tendencies I had been observing for several years with increasing disquiet.
  3. Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus, or just a really cool Opotamus?
  4. The high -spirited man may indeed die, but he will not stoop to meanness. Fire, though it may be quenched, will not become cool.
  5. One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat.

Rhymes for cool:

  1. joule, reule, juel, poole, jule, pool, fool, poul, drool, boole, boule, school, who'll, tool, rule, kool, stool, raul, luelle, spruill, thule, buhl, spool, buel, you'll, ruel, mule, yule;
  2. nepool, o'toole, misrule, dual, uncool, home-school, cruel, preschool, abdul, retool, raoul, fuel;
  3. supercool, istanbul;

Translations for cool:

Arabic word for Cool


Bengali word for Cool


Chinese words for Cool

酷, 凉爽, 冷却, 阴凉, 清凉, 给力.

Dutch words for Cool

afkoelen, koelen, koel, stoer, fris, verkoelen.

French words for Cool

distant, calme, frais, tranquille, fixe, refroidir, sympa, froides, froid, climatiser.

German words for Cool

Gut, frisch, modern, cool, toll, geil, ruhig, locker, legal, gelassen, kühl, kühlen, abkühlen, erkalten, Okay, genial, abweisend, kalt, luftig, unterkühlt, fetzig, gefasst, kaltblütig.

Greek word for Cool


Italian words for Cool

fresca, fresche.

Japanese words for Cool

涼しい, ひんやり, 清涼, 格好のいい, すずしげ, やばい, 涼味, 格好の良い, せいりょう, りょうみ, 涼し気, かっこうのよい, おうよう, 平然, おおよう, 鷹揚, ひやかす, 冷やかす, かっこうのいい.

Javanese word for Cool


Korean word for Cool


Malay word for Cool


Norwegian word for Cool


Polish words for Cool

chłodzić, chłodzić się, ochłodzić, ochłodzić się, ochładzać, ochłonąć.

Portuguese words for Cool

calmo, resfriar, perfeito, interessante, fantástico, refrigeradas, fantásticas, esfriar, tranqüilo.

Romanian word for Cool


Russian words for Cool

прохладный, хладнокровный, охлаждать, остывать.

Spanish words for Cool

tranquilo, giro, fresco, frío, indiferente, padre, guay, enfriar, refrigerar, refrescar, enfriarse, frescor, calma, excelente, bello, guapo, divertido, refrigerado, molón, bacán.

Swedish word for Cool


Tamil word for Cool


Ukrainian word for Cool


Vietnamese word for Cool

mát mẻ.