How To Spell fantastic?

Correct spelling: fantastic

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What does the abbreviation fantastic mean?

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This graph shows how "fantastic" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the translations for fantastic?

Afrikaans word for Fantastic


Arabic word for Fantastic


Chinese words for Fantastic

神奇, 很棒, 绝门儿, 盖帽儿.

Dutch words for Fantastic

heerlijk, geweldig, uitstekend, schitterend.

French words for Fantastic

excellent, incroyable, fantastique, formidable, extraordinaire, magnifique, exceptionnel, superbe, sublime, bizarre, merveilleux, sensationnel, improbable, fantastiques, imprenable, mythique.

German words for Fantastic

toll, fantastisch, super, prima, astrein, herausragend, herrlich, wunderbar, pfundig, unglaublich, prächtig, grandios, traumhaft, fetzig, bombig, abenteuerlich, exorbitant.

Japanese words for Fantastic

幻想的, ファンタスティック, ファンタジック, いぎょう, 異形, げんそうてき.

Javanese words for Fantastic

Fantastik, Fantastic.

Korean word for Fantastic


Malay word for Fantastic


Norwegian words for Fantastic

fantastisk, eventyrlig.

Polish word for Fantastic


Portuguese word for Fantastic


Spanish words for Fantastic

asombroso, espectacular, maravilloso, estupendo, fabuloso.

Ukrainian word for Fantastic