How To Spell even?

Correct spelling: even

What is the definition of even?

  1. Evening.


God is gracious; born of yew; youth
Even as a boy's name is a variant of Evan (Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish), and the meaning of Even is "God is gracious; born of yew; youth".
  • Evon,
  • Iven,
  • Evin,
  • Evyn.

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What are the rhymes for even?

  1. stephen, steven, beaven, leven, keven, sleven;
  2. uneven;

What are the translations for even?

Afrikaans words for Even

nog, selfs.

Arabic word for Even


Bengali word for Even

এমন কি.

Chinese words for Even

即使, 就是, 哪怕, 正是, 均一, 均匀, 平实, 便是, 匀, 匀实, 匀净, 齐刷刷.

Dutch words for Even

even, gelijk, gelijkmatig, egaal, effen, zelfs, kalm.

French words for Even

par, uniforme, encore, régulier, pair, quitte, plat, même.

German words for Even

auch, gerade, gleich, eben, gleichmäßig, glatt, quitt, noch, selbst, sogar, ebnen, ausgeglichen, geradzahlig, bündig, flach, unentschieden, gleich groß, punktgleich, platt, in gleicher Höhe, gar, überhaupt, horizontal, regulär.

Greek word for Even


Hindi word for Even

और भी.

Japanese words for Even

まで, にも, までも, さえも, にしてからが, いくら, イーブン, だに, してからが, かて, とて, 幾ら, 平たい, すら, 迄も, 平らな.

Javanese word for Even


Korean word for Even


Malay word for Even


Marathi word for Even


Norwegian word for Even


Polish words for Even

jeszcze, równomierny, nawet, parzysty, wyrównany.

Portuguese words for Even

ainda, mesmo, eqüitativa, eqüitativo, lisa.

Romanian word for Even


Russian words for Even

в одинаковых условиях, на одном уровне, чётный, аж, ровно.

Spanish words for Even

aún, plano, incluso, hasta, todavía, igualar, allanar, liso, alisar, equilibrar, nivelar, igual, similar, igualado, llano, constante, equitativo, pares, empatar, equilibrado, empatado, homogéneo, parejo, libre de deudas, siquiera, aplanar, enrasar, explanar, uniformar.

Swedish word for Even


Tamil word for Even


Turkish word for Even


Vietnamese word for Even

bằng phẳng.