How To Spell however?

Correct spelling: however

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What is the definition of however?

  1. in what way or manner or by what means; "how did you catch the snake?"; "he told us how he did it"; (`however' is used as an intensive of `how' as in"however did you get here so soon?")

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What are the rhymes for however?

  1. trevor, lever, whoever, whichever, sever, wherever, whomever;
  2. ever, clever, never, kever, haver, bever;
  3. endeavour, forever, whatever, whenever, endeavor;
  4. whomsoever, whosoever, whatsoever;

What are the translations for however?

Afrikaans word for However


Arabic word for However

مَعْ ذَلِكَ.

Bengali word for However


Dutch words for However

toch, echter, daarentegen, niettemin, evenwel, nochtans.

French word for However


German words for However

indessen, trotz allem, allerdings, trotzdem, dennoch, wenn auch, freilich, dahingegen, jedoch, Ale.

Greek word for However


Italian words for However

come, tuttavia, eppure, in qualunque modo, nondimeno.

Japanese words for However

しかし, ただし, 但し, がしかし, それなのに, けれど, あるに, けれども, けど, と言って, だけど, といって, どうであれ, ばってん, いいじょう, されども, 然しながら, なれども, 然し乍ら, それより, ですら, なれど, 然るに, 然りとて, しかれども, 言条, しかるに, さりながら, 然りながら, たって, いかに・・・であろうとも.

Javanese word for However


Marathi word for However


Norwegian word for However


Polish words for However

jednak, jednakże, natomiast, aczkolwiek, jakkolwiek.

Portuguese word for However


Romanian word for However


Russian words for However

однако, тем не менее.

Swedish word for However


Tamil word for However


Turkish word for However


Ukrainian word for However


Vietnamese word for However

tuy nhiên.