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How To Spell horizontal?

Correct spelling: horizontal

Definition of horizontal:

  1. parallel to or in the plane of the horizon or a base line; "a horizontal surface"

List of misspellings for horizontal:

  • horizonatly,
  • horizonts,
  • horiontal,
  • horazontaly,
  • hprizontal,
  • horisontaly,
  • h0rizontal,
  • horizontial,
  • horizonantally,
  • horziontally,
  • horiziontal,
  • hoizontally,
  • hofizontal,
  • horomonal,
  • horisontal,
  • hlrizontal,
  • horizantel,
  • horrizontal,
  • horizontaly,
  • hoizontal,
  • hrizontal,
  • horizantil,
  • horizontilly,
  • horizonial,
  • norizontal,
  • horezontal,
  • horizontical,
  • horisontally,
  • hotizontal,
  • horizontely,
  • horizent,
  • horizontle,
  • hodizontal,
  • horizotaly,
  • horrizontally,
  • horiztonal,
  • horizotally,
  • horzontally,
  • horiaontal,
  • hor8zontal,
  • horizont,
  • h9rizontal,
  • horizental,
  • horuzontal,
  • horizontality,
  • hkrizontal,
  • horizonally,
  • horixontal,
  • ho4izontal,
  • horjzontal,
  • horitzontal,
  • horizlntal,
  • horozontally,
  • hizrentra,
  • horizonaly,
  • ho5izontal,
  • horozontaly,
  • horizintal,
  • horizontily,
  • horizontel,
  • horizobtal,
  • horiz9ntal,
  • horizanal,
  • horizantal,
  • horazontally,
  • uorizontal,
  • horzisontial,
  • horizonatl,
  • horizomtal,
  • hirizontal,
  • yorizontal,
  • borizontal,
  • horizantoly,
  • gorizontal,
  • horazonal,
  • horizontially,
  • horkzontal,
  • horizkntal,
  • horizpntal,
  • hoeizontal,
  • horrizantally,
  • hroizontal,
  • horizonetal,
  • horixtonal,
  • horizonatal,
  • horzintal,
  • horizonal,
  • horozontal,
  • horiz0ntal,
  • jorizontal,
  • hor9zontal,
  • horzontal,
  • hortizontal,
  • horizatal,
  • horazonily,
  • horizantally,
  • horizonatally,
  • horazontal,
  • horisont,
  • horizontly.

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These are the results of the men's horizontal bar competition, one of seven events for male competitors of the artistic gymnastics discipline contested in the gymnastics at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore.

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The men's individual horizontal bar competition of the 2014 Commonwealth Games took place on August 1 at the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Google Ngram Viewer results for horizontal:

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Examples of usage for horizontal:

  1. The tube so finished is attached to a bone holder, by which it can be held in a horizontal position. – Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy by John Ambrose Fleming

Quotes for horizontal:

  1. When I came from horizontal vertical straight all old stuff then suddenly I go also again in curved lines. And there I submit to changes in the intensity of my hand leading a tool, you see.
  2. TV journalism is a much more collaborative, horizontal business than print reporting. It has to be, because of the logistics. Anchors are wholly dependent on producers to do all the hustling.
  3. Life is a horizontal fall.
  4. The timelessness of a concept has to be woven into the running warp of dying time, vertical power has to be wedded to the horizontal earth.
  5. There were shots of Kong pulling at my clothes, but only in horizontal and never from above. Never from above.

Rhymes for horizontal:

  1. consonantal;
  2. periodontal;

Translations for horizontal:

Afrikaans words for Horizontal

horizontaal, horisontale.

Arabic word for Horizontal


Chinese words for Horizontal

水平, 横, 卧式, 水准, 水平的, 基线.

Dutch words for Horizontal

liggend, waterpas.

French words for Horizontal

transversale, transversales.

German words for Horizontal

waagerecht, horizontal, waagrecht, Horizontale, Waagerechte, Waagrechte, liegend, Querschnitts-.

Greek word for Horizontal


Hindi word for Horizontal


Italian word for Horizontal


Japanese word for Horizontal


Javanese word for Horizontal


Korean word for Horizontal


Malay word for Horizontal


Marathi word for Horizontal


Norwegian word for Horizontal


Polish word for Horizontal


Romanian word for Horizontal


Swedish word for Horizontal


Tamil word for Horizontal


Turkish word for Horizontal


Ukrainian word for Horizontal


Vietnamese word for Horizontal

nằm ngang.