How To Spell honest?

Correct spelling: honest

What is the definition of honest?

  1. not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent; "honest lawyers"; "honest reporting"; "an honest wage"; "honest weight"

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What are the rhymes for honest?

  1. dishonest, pianist;

What are the translations for honest?

Afrikaans word for Honest


Arabic word for Honest


Chinese words for Honest

诚, 实, 方, 诚信, 诚恳, 坦白, 端方, 正直, 实在, 老实, 淳, 清廉, 耿, 正当, 顜, 刚正, 诚笃, 悫, 戆, 正值, 深切, 惇, 谠, 坦诚, 诚实的.

Dutch words for Honest

eerlijk, oprecht, eerzaam.

French words for Honest

franc, droit, vrai, franche, vraie.

German words for Honest

gerade, aufrichtig, ehrlich, brav, reell, Integer, redlich, ehrenhaft, ehrenwert, rechtschaffen, bieder.

Italian word for Honest


Japanese words for Honest

誠実, 素直, 良心的, 実直, まじめ, 地道, 真面目, 廉潔, じみち, 純朴, じっちょく, 堅気, せいじつ, じゅんぼく, ガチ, 忠実やか, れんけつ, がち, 醇朴, 淳朴, 物堅い, しら, りょうしんてき.

Norwegian word for Honest


Polish word for Honest


Romanian word for Honest


Spanish words for Honest

abierto, sincero, leal, honesto, honrado, de verdad, honrada, francos, honrados, honer.

Vietnamese word for Honest

trung thực.