How To Spell concrete?

Correct spelling: concrete

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What are the rhymes for concrete?

  1. st, crete, bleat, neat, leet, heat, teat, fleet, meat, seat, sleet, grete, beet, sheet, sweet, neet, treat, skeat, meet, feat, cheat, peat, eat, beat, teet, suite, tweet, skeet, pleat, pete, piet, mete, peet, feet, street, cleat, veit, greet, peete, wheat;
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What are the translations for concrete?

Arabic word for Concrete


Bengali word for Concrete


Chinese word for Concrete


Dutch words for Concrete

concreet, betonnen, tastbaar.

French word for Concrete


German words for Concrete

wirklich, greifbar, real, konkret, handfest, Beton, betonieren, kompakt, zementiert.

Greek word for Concrete


Hindi word for Concrete


Italian word for Concrete


Japanese word for Concrete


Malay word for Concrete


Marathi word for Concrete


Norwegian word for Concrete

konkret gjenstand.

Polish words for Concrete

konkretny, betonowy, betoniarski.

Russian words for Concrete

бетонный, бетон, бетонированный, цемент.

Spanish words for Concrete

concreta, concreto, cemento.

Swedish word for Concrete


Tamil word for Concrete


Vietnamese word for Concrete

bê tông.