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How To Spell clear?

Correct spelling: clear

What are the misspellings for clear ?

  • cuaer,
  • lear,
  • colur,
  • calleer,
  • clearler,
  • cleshay,
  • claery,
  • ccaller,
  • creear,
  • claler,
  • culor,
  • clearfy,
  • claan,
  • cleaar,
  • nucleaur,
  • cleaarly,
  • cler,
  • nucleaer,
  • cleark,
  • nucleer,
  • cleanr,
  • cleane,
  • cear,
  • cleaer,
  • clleard,
  • acller,
  • clearn,
  • cleart,
  • clener,
  • cleaup,
  • nucklear,
  • caler,
  • culer,
  • lclear,
  • cclear,
  • colera,
  • closeer,
  • clesr,
  • cleard,
  • clery,
  • cleff,
  • coolar,
  • bacleor,
  • ucler,
  • columar,
  • cvlear,
  • slear,
  • nucluar,
  • nuclar,
  • clea,
  • clease,
  • claer,
  • nuclea,
  • clarfy,
  • clearl,
  • cliare,
  • clrea,
  • nueclear,
  • nuculear,
  • coloar,
  • clearde,
  • neclear,
  • colar,
  • reglear,
  • clearlly,
  • cleareer,
  • cllear,
  • sclear,
  • clour,
  • locklear,
  • nucliar,
  • claean,
  • cloae,
  • clealy,
  • caaller,
  • nuklear,
  • ckear,
  • crear,
  • clarm,
  • gliar,
  • caledar,
  • clar,
  • claen,
  • celer,
  • caleber,
  • coclear,
  • nuckliar,
  • clerer,
  • clena,
  • coular,
  • collera,
  • clearrer,
  • declear,
  • colloar,
  • cearl,
  • claerly,
  • caeasar,
  • cllearly,
  • cleaqr,
  • clsoer.

What is the definition of clear?

  1. grant authorization or clearance for; "Clear the manuscript for publication"; "The rock star never authorized this slanderous biography"

What does the abbreviation clear mean?

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What are the quotes for clear?

  1. Monofilament is what you use to go fishing. The line on your fishing rod is probably going to be black. You get to the end of the line and you tie on this clear plastic, thin thread called monofilament.
  2. I like to hike with my dog, Webster. It helps clear my mind.
  3. I conceive there lies a clear rule in Titus that the elder women should instruct the younger and then I must have a time wherein I must do it.
  4. Like a morning dream, life becomes more and more bright the longer we live, and the reason of everything appears more clear. What has puzzled us before seems less mysterious, and the crooked paths look straighter as we approach the end.
  5. When I work I am pure as an angel tiger and clear is my eye and hot my brain and silent all the whining grunting piglets of the appetites.

What are the rhymes for clear?

  1. speir, gear, cyr, cheer, steer, meir, teer, lear, wier, cleere, dear, sheer, fier, speer, stear, sere, peer, blear, fleer, neer, shear, fear, gier, ear, veer, greer, leer, sphere, geer, year, gere, deer, smear, tear, frere, rear, kier, sneer, shere, near, mear, mir, here, deere, we're, vere, kear, mere, hear, nir, spear, bere, pier, beer, sear, jeer;
  2. zahir, inhere, vizier, emir, cashier, frontier, zaire, severe, premier, yasir, sameer, premiere, lanier, sincere, veneer, samir, rainier, shamir, austere, rehear, dornier, revere, career, appear, wazir, adhere, amir, lazear, unclear;
  3. racketeer, commandeer, brigadier, souvenir, pioneer, bombardier, insincere, disappear, financier, persevere, auctioneer, belvedere, cavalier, engineer, mutineer, profiteer, rensselaer, chevalier, charpentier, gondolier, volunteer, interfere, bandolier, chandelier, pamphleteer, domineer, reappear, overhear;
  4. reengineer, electioneer, conventioneer;

What are the translations for clear?

Afrikaans word for Clear


Arabic word for Clear


Chinese words for Clear

清除, 晴, 通畅, 亮堂, 爽亮, 清楚的.

Dutch words for Clear

vrij, duidelijk, veilig, verwijderen, helder, begrijpelijk, overzichtelijk, ontruimen, vrijmaken, afruimen, klaar, schoon, opruimen, doorzichtig, eenduidig, wegtrekken, onbezwaard, helder worden, leegmaken.

French words for Clear

compenser, clair, firme, manifeste, net, simple, concret, libre, claires, lucide, nette, limpide, dégagé, tranquille, manifestes, défricher, acquitter, déblayer, purifier, liquider, innocenter, simples, apparent, effacer, certain, livre, nettoyer, explicite, clarifier, lumineux, lisible, clairs, nettes, cristallines, explicites, dédouaner, évidente.

German words for Clear

freigeben, frei, genehmigen, eindeutig, abdecken, einleuchtend, aufklären, verrechnen, rein, deutlich, beseitigen, heiter, klar, vernehmlich, scharf, offenkundig, evident, Wissen, unzweideutig, verständlich, hell, übersichtlich, wolkenlos, durchsichtig, freimachen, sich lichten, reinigen, räumen, leeren, abholzen, aufräumen, abfertigen, abwehren, transparent, durchschaubar, anschaulich, netto, überschaubar, ohne Zweifel, übersehbar, ungetrübt, unbehindert, prononciert, frei machen, roden, verschwinden, abräumen, ausräumen, aushauen, ausverkaufen, entblocken, freiräumen, gegeneinander aufrechnen, sich aufhellen, sich aufheitern, fort.

Greek word for Clear


Italian words for Clear

chiaro, libero, chiara, netta, esplicito, chiare, trasparente, chiari, limpida, palese, inequivocabile.

Japanese word for Clear


Korean word for Clear


Malay word for Clear


Norwegian word for Clear


Polish words for Clear

jasny, przejrzysty, prosty, czysty, oczywisty, pewny, czytelny, zrozumiały, klarowny, ewidentny, jednoznaczny, przezroczysty, bezbarwny, dobitny, widny.

Portuguese words for Clear

claro, aberto, forte, claras, claros, limpo, desobstruído, desobstruir, límpidas, limpar, esvaziar, transpor, directa, manifesto, cristalina, cristalinas, limpa, límpido, transparentes, compreensível, certa, visíveis, inequívoco, legível, perceptível, concretos, desimpedir, inocentar, afastar, ilibar, óbvio, lúcido.

Romanian word for Clear


Russian words for Clear

безоблачный, расчищать, рассеяться, очистить, прояснить, убрать, расчистить.

Spanish words for Clear

preciso, exacto, liberar, concreta, compensar, eliminar, quitar, remover, liquidar, saldar, vaciar, transparente, evidente, limpio, nítido, alejado, puro, limpiar, despachar, autorizar, salvar, aclararse, abrir, desatascar, purificar, aprobar, aclarar, despejar, franco, apagar, concreto, neto, definido, manifiesto, clarificar, aparente, obvio, clarificarse, luminoso, desmontar, cristalino, patente, límpido, inequívoco, bien definido, explícito, lúcido, desbrozar, clarear, elucidar, evidentes.

Tamil word for Clear


Ukrainian word for Clear