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How To Spell apparent?

Correct spelling: apparent

What are the misspellings for apparent ?

  • apperence,
  • opporutuinty,
  • aperently,
  • appicant,
  • apprieate,
  • appeareance,
  • aperrantly,
  • aparentlly,
  • apaprently,
  • apprepot,
  • apponent,
  • apprenic,
  • apparance,
  • apperintly,
  • opporuinity,
  • apparantley,
  • aparently,
  • pparent,
  • opporutntiy,
  • apprentic,
  • opporrtunity,
  • opperunity,
  • apyment,
  • opperitunity,
  • appearedin,
  • appreared,
  • appaent,
  • aprtment,
  • opporutniy,
  • apparience,
  • aparenly,
  • oppoment,
  • opporyunity,
  • apprcieate,
  • appomient,
  • appparently,
  • appartent,
  • apparentley,
  • opperyunity,
  • opporutnitiy,
  • apparatur,
  • appresate,
  • apreacieat,
  • appearantly,
  • apprenet,
  • oppurunity,
  • opprotnuy,
  • apperent,
  • apprentis,
  • apparenlty,
  • apperrantly,
  • appearane,
  • apprenty,
  • apparnt,
  • apparence,
  • opperitonty,
  • apparrant,
  • appealant,
  • appaerence,
  • appeerence,
  • oppruinty,
  • apperantly,
  • appred,
  • oppritunty,
  • parernt,
  • appron,
  • aparentley,
  • apparant,
  • opprrtunity,
  • aparmtent,
  • aeperience,
  • appredate,
  • apparenttly,
  • oppent,
  • appearenly,
  • apperentley,
  • opponnent,
  • apprehand,
  • apperantely,
  • appereance,
  • apparaently,
  • opponenet,
  • appaerently,
  • aaparantly,
  • appearrence,
  • oppuritunity,
  • apperead,
  • apparentlly,
  • appreant,
  • apprantley,
  • apprent,
  • apearence,
  • appeareto,
  • appearently,
  • appearence,
  • apperantley,
  • appreate,
  • oppurtenity,
  • apparanetly,
  • aprsheate.

What is the definition of apparent?

  1. readily apparent to the eye; "angry for no apparent reason"; "had no visible means of support"

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What are the quotes for apparent?

  1. As more information becomes available, and the magnitude of the storm's impact becomes even more apparent, it becomes clear that this recovery will be lengthy.
  2. The show originally started out as a ten hour mini -series. We shot two hours and then were excused for a while, for no apparent reason. Things went very quiet for a time and then a few months later we were called back and told that it was going to be a full season.
  3. The need for raising the awareness of this shameful chapter in U. S. history is more apparent than ever.
  4. As the existence of a corps of professors of mathematics is peculiar to our navy, as well as an apparent, perhaps a real, anomaly, some account of it may be of interest.
  5. The worst manifestations of exhaustion were successfully cured by a long period of rest but it was immediately apparent to me that I had lost once and for all my former capacity for carrying out experimental work until physically tired.

What are the rhymes for apparent?

  1. parent, guerrant, ferrant, errant;
  2. inherent, aberrant, emerant, declarant, transparent;

What are the translations for apparent?

Afrikaans word for Apparent


Arabic word for Apparent


Bengali word for Apparent


Chinese word for Apparent


French words for Apparent

clair, apparenté, manifeste, visible, apparent, visibles, ostensible.

German words for Apparent

klar, scheinbar, offensichtlich, erkennbar, offenkundig, anscheinend, offenbar, augenscheinlich, sichtbar, ersichtlich, augenfällig.

Greek word for Apparent


Hindi word for Apparent


Japanese word for Apparent


Javanese word for Apparent


Korean word for Apparent


Malay word for Apparent


Marathi word for Apparent


Norwegian word for Apparent


Polish words for Apparent

oczywisty, widoczny, pozorny.

Romanian word for Apparent


Russian word for Apparent


Spanish word for Apparent


Swedish word for Apparent


Tamil word for Apparent


Turkish word for Apparent


Ukrainian word for Apparent


Vietnamese word for Apparent

hiển nhiên.