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How To Spell earn?

Correct spelling: earn

Definition of earn:

  1. acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions

List of misspellings for earn:

  • ajurn,
  • eary,
  • wearn,
  • hahn,
  • erran,
  • leurn,
  • arnie,
  • earky,
  • eevn,
  • earnt,
  • arnika,
  • easern,
  • eain,
  • eavin,
  • eirc,
  • leearn,
  • eran,
  • inear,
  • learn1,
  • eara,
  • evaen,
  • eains,
  • eami,
  • leaarn,
  • learna,
  • eurpen,
  • earh,
  • ean,
  • enagh,
  • anear,
  • larn,
  • uaing,
  • laern,
  • eanough,
  • parn,
  • eatern,
  • ihear,
  • arnea,
  • leaern,
  • ern,
  • ehmain,
  • eahc,
  • aarin,
  • eart,
  • eoungh,
  • erner,
  • elarn,
  • aerned,
  • eaven,
  • owern,
  • eeatern,
  • karn,
  • eaing,
  • eard,
  • eeary,
  • arn,
  • earin,
  • eare,
  • iearn,
  • ewhen,
  • ehrn,
  • areain,
  • eeing,
  • earnig,
  • kearny,
  • erturn,
  • carn,
  • eatn,
  • eearn,
  • evern,
  • egain,
  • enar,
  • eeryne,
  • earp,
  • enwar,
  • harn,
  • waarn,
  • eamon,
  • earnned,
  • eturn,
  • earnie,
  • kaern,
  • quarn,
  • leaurn,
  • eacn,
  • urbarn,
  • aaren,
  • eirn,
  • erron,
  • learnn,
  • opean,
  • oarnge,
  • enargy,
  • earna,
  • earnes,
  • earch,
  • tearn,
  • earnign,
  • earnng,
  • olearn.

What does the abbreviation earn mean?

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Carl Earn


American tennis player

Carl Earn was an American tennis player who competed on the amateur and professional circuits in the 1940s and 1950s. The left-hander reached as high as World No. 7 in the professional ranks in 1946.

Hard to Earn


Album by Gang Starr

Hard to Earn is the fourth album from the hip hop duo Gang Starr. It was released in 8 March 1994 and featured the singles "Mass Appeal", "DWYCK", and "Code of the Streets". Guest appearances on the album include Group Home, Jeru the Damaja, and Big Shug.

Lost and Found: You've Got to Earn It


Compilation album by The Temptations

Lost and Found: You've Got To Earn It (1962–1968) is a compilation album by The Temptations. Released by Motown Records in 1999, it includes twenty unreleased Temptations records alongside unreleased mixes of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and "You've Got to Earn It".

Stars Earn Stripes


Television program

Stars Earn Stripes was a reality television program that premiered on NBC on August 13, 2012. Produced by Mark Burnett, the series follows a group of celebrities, accompanied by current and former members of the United States Armed Forces and law enforcement, competing in various challenges for charity based on training exercises used by the U.S. military.

Upper Arley


Village in England

Upper Arley is a village and civil parish near Kidderminster in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire, England. Historically part of Staffordshire, the village had a population of 741 at the 2011 census.

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Rhymes for earn:

  1. turn, stearne, byrne, yearn, sterne, kern, durn, learn, burn, stern, spurn, dern, verne, herne, kearn, erne, hearne, hearn, fern, hurn, vern, berne, stearn, burne, urn, cern, bern, churn, hern;
  2. concern, upturn, return, adjourn, laverne, discern, sauterne, ahern, ahearn, aherne;
  3. unconcern;

Translations for earn:

Afrikaans word for Earn


Arabic word for Earn


Bengali word for Earn

আয় করা.

French words for Earn

rapporter, obtenir, toucher, gagner, percevoir, remporter.

German words for Earn

erwerben, erwirtschaften, einbringen, einnehmen, verdienen.

Greek word for Earn


Hindi word for Earn


Italian word for Earn


Japanese word for Earn


Javanese word for Earn


Korean word for Earn


Malay word for Earn


Marathi word for Earn


Norwegian word for Earn


Polish word for Earn


Portuguese words for Earn

ganhar, receber, render, conquistar, auferir, granjear.

Romanian word for Earn

a câștiga.

Spanish words for Earn

producir, obtener, lograr, recaudar, ganar, recibir, juntar, percibir, ganarse, tirar, merecer, cobrar, devengar, merecerse, granjearse, hacerse merecedor de.

Swedish word for Earn


Tamil word for Earn


Turkish word for Earn


Ukrainian word for Earn


Vietnamese word for Earn

kiếm được.