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How To Spell color?

Correct spelling: color

Definition of color:

  1. modify or bias; "His political ideas color his lectures"

List of misspellings for color:

  • colom,
  • coluor,
  • collon,
  • ccolor,
  • coloed,
  • colardo,
  • scolar,
  • colera,
  • flooor,
  • cowdor,
  • colly,
  • coloe,
  • koehlr,
  • worklow,
  • golore,
  • gallor,
  • coool,
  • coclor,
  • clour,
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  • ploor,
  • scholor,
  • colouer,
  • rollor,
  • callor,
  • couselor,
  • colle,
  • couior,
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What does the abbreviation color mean?

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Book by Patricia McKissack

Color Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love, The Great Migration North is a 2000 book by Patricia McKissack about a girl, Nellie, who from 1919 records her thoughts and experiences in a diary including her home in rural Tennessee, as a part of The Great Migration, and her new home in Chicago.

Color the Cover


Album by Kumi Koda

Color the Cover is the second cover album by Kumi Koda, following her 2010 ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~. It came in at #3 on Oricon and remained on the charts for nine weeks.

Life in Color


2015 film

Life in Color is a 2015 American drama film starring Josh McDermitt and Katharine Emmer that had its world premiere at the 2015 South by Southwest film festival.

Seventh Color


Album by Boyfriend

Seventh Color is the second Japanese album by the South Korean boy group Boyfriend. It was released in three different versions on July 23, 2014.




World Color Press Inc. was a company which provided high-value and comprehensive print, digital, and related services to businesses worldwide.

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This graph shows how "color" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for color:

  1. Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!
  2. Yeah, I did see where the people dissing me were coming from. But, it's like, anything that happened in the past between black and white, I can't really speak on it, because I wasn't there. I don't feel like me being born the color I am makes me any less of a person.
  3. The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice.
  4. I finally realized the happy medium, 'honey blonde' was the correct color and line for me.
  5. If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels.

Rhymes for color:

  1. smaller, aller, hauler, staller, lawlor, taller, trawler, caller, duller, ballor, lawler, mauler, waller, culler, muller, saller, faller;
  2. discolor, installer;
  3. multicolor;

Translations for color:

Arabic word for Color


Bengali word for Color


Chinese words for Color

色, 颜, 色彩, 色素, 色泽, 颜色.

Dutch word for Color


French words for Color

couleur, teinte, coloré, cor, peindre, coloration, rougir, colorer, colorier, coloris.

German words for Color

Ton, Farbe, kolorieren, anmalen, ausmalen.

Greek word for Color


Japanese words for Color

カラー, 色彩, 色味, 彩る, 呈色, 色艶, そめる, ていしき, くまどり, いろつや, 色めく, しきさい, 色み, 色つや, いろめく, いろみ, 隈取り.

Javanese word for Color


Korean word for Color


Marathi word for Color


Norwegian word for Color


Polish words for Color

Warna, kolor.

Romanian word for Color


Spanish word for Color

de color.

Swedish word for Color


Turkish word for Color


Ukrainian word for Color