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How To Spell full?

Correct spelling: full

Definition of full:

  1. being at a peak or culminating point; "broad day"; "full summer"; "high noon"

List of misspellings for full:

  • feelo,
  • famuly,
  • feeel,
  • cerfuly,
  • cerfull,
  • fiule,
  • cafuly,
  • fsll,
  • fello,
  • you1ll,
  • forula,
  • affule,
  • fearl,
  • fullyt,
  • fifill,
  • biofule,
  • fwll,
  • fuul,
  • fulill,
  • fuelk,
  • fmall,
  • juyl,
  • fukk,
  • fould,
  • foollw,
  • fulkl,
  • facale,
  • awfull,
  • fullyl,
  • ful,
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  • offully,
  • uffal,
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What does the abbreviation full mean?

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The 1986 Full Members' Cup final was a football match which took place at Wembley Stadium on 23 March 1986. It was the final of the inaugural Full Members' Cup, the competition created in the wake of the 1985 ban on English clubs from European competitions following the Heysel disaster.

9 Full Moons


2013 film

9 Full Moons is a 2013 American film starring Amy Seimetz, Bret Roberts and Donal Logue. It was directed by Tomer Almagor and released in theaters in 2014.

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Full House Kiss is a shōjo manga as well as a PlayStation 2 Otome Game. The manga was created at the same time as the video game, and was drawn by Shiori Yuwa and published in Hana to Yume & The Hana to Yume.

Full Impact Pro


Professional wrestling company

Full Impact Pro is an American professional wrestling promotion. FIP started out as the sister promotion of Ring of Honor, working closely with them until 2009.

Full Records


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Full Records is a Reggaeton record label located in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The most notable artists on this label are Yaga & Mackie and Arcángel, although Ñengo Flow, L.T.

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Rhymes for full:

  1. pull, wool, bull;

Translations for full:

Afrikaans word for Full


Arabic word for Full


Chinese words for Full

充分, 全力, 满满, 饱满, 实足, 满的.

Dutch words for Full

geheel, volledig, heel, compleet, gevuld, uitgebreid, volwaardig, verzadigd.

French words for Full

complet, large, ample, entier, abondant, intégrale, vol, plein, rassasié, approfondi, très, parfaitement, rond, riche, inconditionnel, parfaite.

German words for Full

umfassend, gesamt, voll, total, vollinhaltlich, optimal, rund, integral, belegt, ausgebucht, satt, Drall, inhaltsreich, bauschig.

Greek word for Full


Italian words for Full

pieno, totale, intero.

Japanese words for Full

フル, いっぱい, 充実した, たっぷり, 満杯, ふくよか, まんぷく, まんぱい, じゅうじつした, 委しい, くわしい, 脹よか, ふくらか, 満幅, 精しい, 満ちて.

Korean word for Full


Malay words for Full

Penuh, Lengkap.

Polish word for Full


Portuguese words for Full

ampla, amplo, abrangente, inteiro, verdadeiro, verdadeira, detalhado, cheio, lotado, farto, repleto, exaustiva, exaustivas, aprofundada, rigorosa, aprofundado, plenas, integrais, saciado, preenchidas, empanturrado, embuchado, enfartado.

Romanian words for Full

absolută, plin.

Russian words for Full

полноценный, сытый.

Spanish words for Full

completo, amplio, extenso, todo, entero, lleno, efectivo, absoluto, intenso, saturado, cumplido, pleno, abundante, cabal, incondicional, colmado, abundantes, copioso, de pleno derecho, pormenorizada, permeado.

Swedish word for Full


Turkish word for Full


Ukrainian word for Full