How To Spell fully?

Correct spelling: fully

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This graph shows how "fully" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for fully?

  1. woolly, wooly, bully, woolley, pulley;

What are the translations for fully?

Afrikaans word for Fully

ten volle.

Chinese word for Fully


French words for Fully

largement, parfaitement, pleinement, totalement, amplement, richement.

German words for Fully

umfassend, ganz, voll, vollkommen, vollinhaltlich, rund, belegt, ausgebucht, satt, Drall, vollumfänglich, in vollem Umfang, vollends, vollauf, inhaltsreich, bauschig.

Italian word for Fully


Japanese words for Fully

ぎっしり, いかんなく, しみじみ, ぎっちり, 一盃, 全幅的, くわしく, ぜんぷくてき, 遺憾無く, みっちり, 沁み沁み, 染み染み, いちいち, 一一, 一々, 泌み泌み, ふんなんに.

Javanese word for Fully


Malay word for Fully


Norwegian word for Fully

til fulle.

Polish word for Fully

w pełni.

Portuguese words for Fully

inteiramente, integralmente, detalhadamente, perfeitamente, na íntegra, em pormenor.

Spanish words for Fully

completamente, absolutamente, totalmente, ampliamente, extensamente, plenamente, perfectamente, abundantemente, enteramente, íntegramente, cabalmente, llenamente, cumplidamente, colmadamente.

Swedish word for Fully


Turkish word for Fully