How To Spell every?

Correct spelling: every

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What is the definition of every?

  1. each and all of a series of entities or intervals as specified; "every third seat"; "every two hours"

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What are the rhymes for every?

  1. devry;
  2. reverie;

What are the translations for every?

Afrikaans word for Every


Chinese word for Every


French words for Every

tout, chaque, tous les, toutes les.

German words for Every

jede, jeder, jedes, jedwede, alle, her.

Greek word for Every


Hindi word for Every


Italian word for Every


Japanese words for Every

あらゆる, たびごと, 有らゆる, 端々, ひゃっぱん, 百般, 夫夫, 度毎, ぜんぷく, 全幅, はしばし, 凡ゆる, 夫々, 端端, すべての.

Javanese word for Every


Malay word for Every


Norwegian word for Every


Romanian words for Every

cadă, fiecare.

Russian words for Every

каждый, любой, всякий, всяческий.

Spanish words for Every

todo, cada.

Swedish word for Every