How To Spell final?

Correct spelling: final

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What does the abbreviation final mean?

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This graph shows how "final" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for final?

  1. vinyl, spinal;
  2. semifinal;

What are the translations for final?

Arabic word for Final


Chinese word for Final


Danish word for Final


Dutch words for Final

uiteindelijk, ultiem, definitief, afsluitend, finaal.

French words for Final

dernier, irrévocable, butoir, irrémédiable, ultime, fini, sans appel.

German words for Final

letzte, abschließend, definitiv, auslautend, final, letzter, Finale, Endspiel, Endrunde, Endkampf, Finalspiel, Schlussrunde.

Greek word for Final


Italian words for Final

finito, definitiva.

Japanese words for Final

ファイナル, 末期, 後期, まっき, 末季, 終極, 最終の.

Korean word for Final


Malay word for Final


Polish words for Final

ostateczny, ostatni, końcowy, finalny, nieodwołalny, definitywny.

Portuguese words for Final

último, última, conclusivo, derradeiro, decisiva, terminados, inapelável, conclusiva, decisivas, concludente, que vem por último, que finaliza.

Romanian word for Final


Russian words for Final

окончательный, заключительный, финал, финальный, финальный заезд.

Spanish words for Final

definitivo, acabado, decisivo, terminal, postrero.

Swedish word for Final


Turkish word for Final


Ukrainian word for Final