How To Spell badly?

Correct spelling: badly

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What is the definition of badly?

  1. with great intensity; "the injury hurt badly"; "the buildings were badly shaken"; (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly' as in"it hurts bad" or"we need water bad")

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What are the rhymes for badly?

  1. sadly, radley;
  2. hadley, adley, gladly, bradley, madly;

What are the translations for badly?

Afrikaans word for Badly


Arabic word for Badly

عَلَى نَحْو سَيَّء.

Bengali word for Badly


Chinese word for Badly


French words for Badly

fortement, gravement, faiblement, méchamment, inférieurement, pauvrement, funestement, médiocrement, stupidement, pernicieusement, vilement, cruellement.

German words for Badly

gemein, schwer, stark, sehr, mies, schlimm, arg, unangenehm, dringend, schlecht, schrecklich, ungezogen, faul, mangelhaft, krank, verdorben, Mal, ungut, kaputt, mau, unartig, unrein, garstig, Male.

Greek word for Badly


Hindi word for Badly

बुरी तरह.

Japanese word for Badly


Javanese word for Badly


Korean word for Badly


Malay word for Badly


Marathi word for Badly

वाईट रीतीने.

Polish word for Badly


Portuguese words for Badly

desagradavelmente, horrivelmente, erradamente, terrivelmente, prejudicialmente, nocivamente, perversamente.

Romanian word for Badly


Spanish words for Badly

mucho, peor, seriamente, severamente, gravemente, perjudicialmente, desagradablemente, fatalmente, inferiormente, feamente, inoportunamente.

Swedish word for Badly


Tamil word for Badly


Ukrainian word for Badly


Vietnamese word for Badly

một cách tồi tệ.