How To Spell carefully?

Correct spelling: carefully

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What is the definition of carefully?

  1. In a careful manner.

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What are the translations for carefully?

Afrikaans word for Carefully


Arabic word for Carefully


Bengali word for Carefully


Chinese words for Carefully

上心, 审, 剀, 嫈, 蹴, 小心地.

French words for Carefully

doucement, clairement, soigneusement, attentivement, avec soin, avec attention, prudemment, rigoureusement, minutieusement, scrupuleusement, avec précaution, en toute sécurité, en douceur, avec prudence, mûrement, méticuleusement, consciencieusement.

German words for Carefully

besorgt, umsichtig, gewissenhaft, vorsichtig, schonend, behutsam, achtsam, bedacht, sorgsam, mit Sorgfalt, mit Bedacht, pfleglich, mit Vorsicht, reiflich.

Hindi word for Carefully

ध्यान से.

Italian word for Carefully


Javanese word for Carefully

Kasebut kanthi teliti.

Korean word for Carefully


Norwegian word for Carefully


Polish word for Carefully


Romanian word for Carefully

cu atenție.

Spanish words for Carefully

atentamente, cuidadosamente, con cuidado, minuciosamente, esmeradamente, diligentemente, prudentemente, acuciosamente, reservadamente.

Swedish word for Carefully


Turkish word for Carefully


Ukrainian word for Carefully


Vietnamese word for Carefully

một cách cẩn thận.