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How To Spell careful?

Correct spelling: careful

Definition of careful:

  1. (archaic) full of cares or anxiety; "Thou art careful and troubled about many things"-Luke 10.41

List of misspellings for careful:

  • carefull,
  • curfull,
  • carfully,
  • carefl,
  • cloraphill,
  • coloreful,
  • caremal,
  • casefile,
  • powereful,
  • carefiver,
  • carefukl,
  • carfeully,
  • carul,
  • pairefalia,
  • jokeful,
  • carrefuly,
  • garteful,
  • gradful,
  • greartful,
  • carefulr,
  • capfull,
  • curewal,
  • caerful,
  • carefylly,
  • carefhul,
  • crefull,
  • beauriful,
  • carufull,
  • gateful,
  • caramal,
  • carinval,
  • graetful,
  • cafuly,
  • foreful,
  • careof,
  • cafefully,
  • cartefull,
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  • warmful,
  • cricul,
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  • carefu,
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  • canfeel,
  • careul,
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  • caefully,
  • carefullu,
  • carreful.

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Quotes for careful:

  1. I try to be careful because technology changes so much over the years. But some things don't change. Kids and parents have disagreements, kids try to manipulate, parents try to sit down with rules and regs. That part never changes.
  2. I don't have to be careful, I've got a gun.
  3. We've always had a love for other places outside the US. I would be right with him. Now that Michael's been vindicated, we all have to be careful... you never know what someone's plotting and planning.
  4. We need to be more careful, but more compassionate. We must strike, not deal with terrorists, but to broaden our understanding of the world outside our borders.
  5. I love to compare different time frames. Poetry can evoke the time of the subject. By a very careful choice of words you can evoke an era, completely throw the poem into a different time scale.

Rhymes for careful:

  1. prayerful;

Translations for careful:

Afrikaans word for Careful


Arabic word for Careful


Bengali word for Careful


Chinese words for Careful

慎, 慎重, 心细, 细心, 细致, 谨, 精细, 小心谨慎, 缜密, 毖, 严饬, 恪慎, 劼, 不苟, 廑, 审慎, 谨慎, 小心的.

French words for Careful

prudent, minutieux, attentif, approfondi, judicieux, vigilant, consciencieux, soigneux, circonspect.

German words for Careful

aufmerksam, besorgt, umsichtig, vorsichtig, schonend, achtsam, bedacht, sorgsam, pfleglich, reiflich.

Hindi word for Careful


Italian word for Careful


Japanese words for Careful

慎重, 丁寧, 入念, 注意深い, 念入り, 綿密, 周到, しんりょ, 深謀, 周密, めんみつ, しゅうみつ, しゅうとう, にゅうねん, ちゅういぶかい, ねんいり, 深甚, 深慮.

Korean word for Careful


Malay word for Careful


Marathi word for Careful


Portuguese words for Careful

detalhado, rigoroso, criterioso, racional, diligentes, apurada, aprofundado, circunstanciada, minuciosa, prevenidos.

Romanian word for Careful


Russian word for Careful


Spanish words for Careful

minucioso, riguroso, concienzudo, prudente, reservado, meticuloso, especial, atento, cuidadoso, esmerado, cauteloso, precavido, detenido, diligente, acucioso, cuidada, escrupuloso, prudentes, cauto, vigilantes, profunda, pormenorizada.

Swedish word for Careful


Tamil word for Careful


Turkish word for Careful


Vietnamese word for Careful

cẩn thận.