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Correct spelling: foxy


Definition of foxy:

  1. Pertaining to foxes; wily; having a dun, faded, or fox- like colour; sour; tasting like the fox- grape; austere.

Common misspellings for foxy:

foxx, foxey.

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Examples of usage for foxy:

  1. The stalls were sheltered by tall umbrellas made of sun- bleached sacks, over them the blue sky, and under them masses of colour in light and shade, heaps of oranges, green bananas, red chillies, and the girls and women sitting selling them, puffing blue smoke from white cheroots big as Roman candles, or moving about from shade to light like the brightest of flowers, no hurry, no bustle; a chatter of happy voices, nothing raucous in sound or colour, and all the faces good and kind to look at, except when a foxy Indian came across the scene. "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah" , William G. Burn Murdoch.
  2. He was an undersized, foxy fellow, dressed as a gamekeeper and carrying a fowling- piece under one arm. "The Orchard of Tears" , Sax Rohmer.
  3. He was a man for whom Flamby in the ordinary way entertained a profound contempt, but there was that in his slinking foxy manner which vaguely disturbed her. "The Orchard of Tears" , Sax Rohmer.

Quotes for foxy:

  1. There's artists that I'm working with on a new label of mine. Foxy Nova and Supa Nova. - Kenneth Edmonds
  2. The Negro revolution is controlled by foxy white liberals, by the Government itself. But the Black Revolution is controlled only by God. - Malcolm X

Rhymes for foxy:

  1. boxy, doxie, doxy, moxie, proxy.
  2. epoxy.
  3. roxie, roxy.
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