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Correct spelling: esoteric

Definition of esoteric:

  1. 1. Of internal. origin arising within the organism. 2. Endoblastic.
  2. Secret; acroamatic; for the initiated only, and intelligible only to them; from internal causes.

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Examples of usage for esoteric:

  1. Allowing, however, for this very human tendency to set up our own esoteric standard, there yet remains a more generally recognizable beauty of form which some books possess in a higher degree than others, and to collect such beautiful books independently of any other kind of attraction would be no unworthy pursuit. – Fine Books by Alfred W. Pollard
  2. From the first chapter of the fourth Gospel we may infer that John had a school of disciples to whom he gave esoteric teaching. – The Making of an Apostle by R. J. Campbell

Rhymes for esoteric:

  1. garrick, herrick, eric, kerrick, merrick, varick, erick, erich, erik, deryck, gerrick;
  2. cleric, derrick, carrick, derek, barrick, derick, derik;
  3. generic, homeric, hysteric, numeric;
  4. atmospheric, mesenteric;
  5. alphanumeric;