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How To Spell inner?

Correct spelling: inner

Definition of inner:

  1. (anatomy) inside or closer to the inside of the body; "the inner ear"

List of misspellings for inner:

  • intier,
  • ineer,
  • vinney,
  • inorder,
  • inever,
  • onver,
  • inone,
  • winnner,
  • linnear,
  • sonner,
  • inme,
  • iorner,
  • highner,
  • inother,
  • linner,
  • unger,
  • intior,
  • inder,
  • wwner,
  • ginnea,
  • iheir,
  • innter,
  • inover,
  • univer,
  • innorth,
  • diinner,
  • owneer,
  • anawer,
  • enver,
  • tinner,
  • sinnner,
  • niner,
  • inyour,
  • ownner,
  • anner,
  • ifone,
  • ancer,
  • ioewr,
  • anwner,
  • youinger,
  • ignor,
  • annoyer,
  • inoder,
  • annoucer,
  • enned,
  • ownwer,
  • ovner,
  • hinney,
  • infur,
  • noner,
  • inthe,
  • inerfer,
  • iner,
  • pionner,
  • wionner,
  • venner,
  • openner,
  • innthe,
  • oneyear,
  • onher,
  • minner,
  • biner,
  • anoer,
  • insuer,
  • infear,
  • intthe,
  • anwer,
  • finner,
  • eningeer,
  • inear,
  • inquer,
  • unnow,
  • isone,
  • energ,
  • iknow,
  • niney,
  • mnner,
  • qwner,
  • owwner,
  • anera,
  • iinner,
  • imune,
  • innater,
  • ouner,
  • anber,
  • onwer,
  • ownre,
  • enior,
  • inyou,
  • ownned,
  • uynder,
  • oener,
  • outineer,
  • iwhen,
  • egineer,
  • iknew,
  • inview,
  • anwwer,
  • thinnner,
  • inher.

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This graph shows how "inner" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for inner:

  1. pinner, thinner, printer, spinner, dinner, winner, skinner, sinner;
  2. beginner, berliner;

Translations for inner:

Afrikaans word for Inner


Arabic word for Inner


Bengali word for Inner


Chinese word for Inner


Dutch words for Inner

binnen-, innerlijk.

French words for Inner

intime, profond, interne, intérieure, central, intérieurs.

German words for Inner

intern, inwendig, verborgen, innere, innerer, inneres, innerlich.

Greek word for Inner


Hindi word for Inner


Japanese word for Inner


Korean word for Inner


Malay words for Inner

Utama, Dalaman.

Marathi word for Inner

आतील बाजू.

Portuguese words for Inner

interno, interiores, intrínseca, espiritual, que está por dentro.

Spanish words for Inner

profundo, secreto, interior, privado, Indre.

Swedish word for Inner


Tamil word for Inner