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How To Spell pray?

Correct spelling: pray

Definition of pray:

  1. address God; say a prayer

List of misspellings for pray:

  • theprahy,
  • poay,
  • praag,
  • pruty,
  • probay,
  • opery,
  • pras,
  • preety,
  • yrar,
  • xray,
  • prity,
  • prawl,
  • pwwrwr,
  • pricay,
  • thray,
  • cray,
  • perri,
  • pureiy,
  • prayor,
  • preays,
  • prak,
  • deproy,
  • potray,
  • pharo,
  • poery,
  • pryty,
  • paraiah,
  • ipray,
  • prauer,
  • gray,
  • aray,
  • poria,
  • pruely,
  • param,
  • piraty,
  • pscy,
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  • prme,
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  • topray.

What does the abbreviation pray mean?

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Irving Pray


Football coach

Irving Rudolph Pray was an American football coach. He served as the head coach at Louisiana State University for part of the 1916 season and for full seasons in 1919 and 1922, compiling a career record of 11–9.

John I. Pray



John I. Pray, Jr., Brig Gen, USAF is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Operation Homefront. He was appointed to the position on May 18, 2015.

Pray for Villains


Studio album by DevilDriver

Pray for Villains is the fourth studio album by DevilDriver, released on July 14, 2009. On April 24 Roadrunner unveiled the cover artwork for both the regular and special editions of Pray for Villains.

Pray Lake


Lake in Montana

Pray Lake is located in Glacier National Park, in the U. S. state of Montana. The lake is approximately 100 yards northeast of Two Medicine Lake and is only 1 foot lower in altitude with a short stream connecting the two.

Pray the Gay Away?


"Pray the Gay Away?" is a 2011 episode of the American television series Our America with Lisa Ling. The episode, hosted by Ling, profiles several people as they seek to reconcile their homosexuality with their Christianity.

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Quotes for pray:

  1. I actually pray everyday, but I don't believe in God.
  2. Tammy Faye, I pray for every day. I really liked her. I wanted to be in their family.
  3. Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines.
  4. If any of you should ask me for an epitome of the Christian religion, I should say that it is in one word- prayer. Live and die without prayer, and you will pray long enough when you get to hell.
  5. I have a really great relationship with God. I pray. I read the Bible.

Rhymes for pray:

  1. ray, fey, paye, maye, trey, raye, bey, may, quay, play, neigh, way, sway, grey, wray, bray, gway, khe, cray, nej, blay, saye, k, ley, whey, lay, dray, they, wy, nay, sta, mei, rae, stay, re, hay, flay, prey, jay, mae, spray, wei, brey, fay, brae, yea, drey, stray, wey, cay, slay, clay, faye, waye, hwe, se, j, fray, shea, vey, graye, bay, ney, weigh, say, rey, tray, shay, ca, ae, gaye, lait, kaye, tae, pay, dae, dey, jaye, haye, de, tay, sze, sleigh, yay, gray, hey, mey, frey, klay, quai, daye, che, day, kay, lei, jae, ay, pei, ne, fe;
  2. filet, away, orsay, decay, manet, sergei, croquet, repay, chalet, hurray, array, macrae, betray, delray, risque, replay, today, monet, portray, millay, display, moray, fillet, beret, halfway, prepay, da, puree, passe, asay, parquet, ballet, oj, beauvais, toupee, saute, mccrea, b-j, survey, carre, o'shea, cathay, purvey, ek, abbe, olay, rene, nikkei, valet, allay, sorbet, calais, delay, dk, mcveigh, convey, buffet, cafe, soiree, essay, belay, mckay, hervey, ga, jose, gervais, bouquet, cliche, astray, dismay, hooray, nisei, okay, ole, ha, renee, souffle, dossier, bombay, crochet, levey, defray, obey, mackay, cache;
  3. overstay, faberge, aaa, monterrey, disarray, lyonnais, dak, ekk, cabaret, underplay, overplay, cabernet, ita, cea, attache, ira, underway, monterey, piaget, jna, perrier, intraday, bta, fiance, bouvier, uva, chevrolet, disobey, bua;
  4. naivete, hiaa, communique, foia, asea, ceta, cabriolet, noaa;
  5. waga;

Translations for pray:

Arabic word for Pray


Chinese word for Pray


Dutch words for Pray

wensen, hopen, bidden, beten.

French words for Pray

prier, bıd.

Greek word for Pray


Hungarian word for Pray


Italian word for Pray


Japanese word for Pray


Javanese word for Pray


Korean word for Pray


Malay word for Pray


Marathi word for Pray

प्रार्थना करा.

Polish word for Pray

pomodlić się.

Romanian word for Pray

a se ruga.

Russian word for Pray


Spanish words for Pray

rezar, rogar, orar.

Tamil word for Pray


Turkish word for Pray

dua etmek.

Ukrainian word for Pray