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Correct spelling: era

Common misspellings for era:

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What does the abbreviation era mean?

ERA abbreviation definitions:
–  Equipment Restraint Area
–  Erigavo, Somalia

Era \e-ra\

Era as a girl's name.
ara, ira, eira, Ora.

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This graph shows how "era" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for era:

  1. I was actually telling people that- by harnessing the atom- we could enter a new era of unlimited power that would do away with the need to dam our beautiful streams.
  2. With the spirit of my administration, New York City is poised for dramatic change. The era of fear has had a long enough reign.
  3. Given that there was that era of girl group music and it's still very popular, but I think if you looked at the chart from that time you would see many more men on it. Because the industry, they were catering to young girls. I mean, that's what they thought their audience was.
  4. The big studio era is from the coming of sound until 1950, until I came in... I came in at a crux in film, which was the end of the studio era and the rise of filmmaking.
  5. When, at the end of the 1960s, I became interested in the Nazi era, it was a taboo subject in Germany. No one spoke about it anymore, no more in my house than anywhere else.

Rhymes for era:

  1. terre;
  2. para, spera, farrah, terra, leora, bera, sarah, darragh, mira, sara, thera, cera, vera, shira, erra, eire, mirra, sera, gera, berra, spira, cara, hara, lire, hera, tara, serra, naira, farah, fera, kara, kera, lira, shirah;
  3. caldera, almira, madera, sierra, vespera, elvera, nocera, indira, madeira, provera, palmira, patera, canberra, semira, svizzera, o'hara, rivera, hespera, herrera, saphira, mascara, sahara, taira, sadira, pereira, barbera, valera, emera, chimera;
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