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Correct spelling: year


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This graph shows how "year" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for year:

  1. Most of the Middlers know what happened last year.
  2. Why not the year?
  3. If they took too much from the earth one year, she made them pay for it the next.

Rhymes for year:

  1. adhere, amir, appear, austere, career, cashier, dornier, emir, frontier, inhere, lanier, lazear, premier, premiere, rainier, rehear, revere, sameer, samir, severe, shamir, sincere, unclear, veneer, vizier, wazir, yasir, zahir, zaire.
  2. auctioneer, bandolier, belvedere, bombardier, brigadier, cavalier, chandelier, charpentier, chevalier, commandeer, disappear, domineer, engineer, financier, gondolier, insincere, interfere, mutineer, overhear, pamphleteer, persevere, pioneer, profiteer, racketeer, reappear, rensselaer, souvenir, volunteer.
  3. beer, bere, blear, cheer, clear, cleere, cyr, dear, deer, deere, ear, fear, fier, fleer, frere, gear, geer, gere, gier, greer, hear, here, jeer, kear, kier, lear, leer, mear, meir, mere, mir, near, neer, nir, peer, pier, rear, sear, sere, shear, sheer, shere, smear, sneer, spear, speer, speir, sphere, stear, steer, tear, teer, veer, vere, we're, wier.
  4. conventioneer, electioneer, reengineer.

Idioms for year:

  1. see in the New Year
  2. from/ since the year one, at from/ since the year dot
  3. year round
  4. see you next year
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