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Correct spelling: year

Common misspellings for year:

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What does the abbreviation year mean?

YEAR abbreviation definitions:
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This graph shows how "year" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for year:

  1. deere, beer, kier, gere, shere, sheer, smear, fear, nir, cleere, lear, meir, sneer, blear, jeer, teer, peer, kear, sear, here, ear, gear, geer, tear, hear, deer, clear, speir, fleer, shear, wier, speer, stear, we're, sphere, cheer, mear, near, pier, mir, vere, fier, bere, dear, frere, leer, sere, cyr, mere, neer, rear, veer, greer, steer, spear, gier;
  2. adhere, rainier, sincere, appear, emir, rehear, samir, severe, yasir, lanier, zahir, inhere, career, premiere, austere, wazir, zaire, dornier, frontier, premier, amir, cashier, sameer, vizier, unclear, revere, shamir, veneer, lazear;
  3. bombardier, charpentier, domineer, mutineer, brigadier, disappear, pamphleteer, belvedere, insincere, cavalier, persevere, financier, chandelier, interfere, auctioneer, pioneer, commandeer, overhear, reappear, bandolier, volunteer, rensselaer, souvenir, chevalier, engineer, profiteer, gondolier, racketeer;
  4. reengineer, electioneer, conventioneer;