How To Spell worry?

Correct spelling: worry

What is the definition of worry?

  1. Perplexity; trouble; harassment.

What does the abbreviation worry mean?

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What are the rhymes for worry?

  1. ury, urey, gurry, uri, murry, murrey, slurry, scurry, murray, surrey, furry, hurry;
  2. burry, currey, curry, blurry, currie, flurry;
  3. macmurray, towery;

What are the translations for worry?

Afrikaans word for Worry


Arabic word for Worry


Chinese words for Worry

忧, 虞, 提心, 心事, 劳心, 悬, 顾忌, 犯愁, 烧心, 愀, 烦忧, 挂碍, 烦心事, 挂心, 发愁, 悒.

Dutch words for Worry

zorg, bezorgdheid, ongerustheid.

French words for Worry

inquiétude, souci, s'inquiéter, inquiéter, s'en faire, craindre, crainte, tracas, veiller, tracasser, se tracasser, se faire du souci, se faire du mauvais sang, se faire du mouron, se biler, se faire un sang d'encre, s’inquiéter.

German words for Worry

Sorge, beunruhigen, Besorgnis, Beunruhigung, plagen, Angst, Kummer, sich sorgen, sich Sorgen machen, Kümmernis, sich beunruhigen, sich plagen, sorgen (sich).

Italian word for Worry


Japanese words for Worry

気にする, 痛める, 屈託, 心痛, きづかれ, 気掛り, つうしん, しんつう, きにする, 悩乱, 気が置かれる, けねん, 憂患, なやみ, きがもめる, 悩み事, 介する, 気懸かり, 意に介する, やっかい, 気に病む, 苦にする, 気をもむ, ご念, かいす, しょうりょ, 気苦労, なやみごと, くったく, 煩悶, こまりごと, しんぱい, こうこ, くにやむ, く, 心労, きがかり, 心配する.

Javanese word for Worry


Korean word for Worry


Malay word for Worry


Norwegian word for Worry

engste (seg).

Polish words for Worry

martwić się, obawiać się, zmartwić się.

Portuguese words for Worry

angústia, receio, preocupar-se.

Romanian word for Worry

a (se) îngrijora.

Spanish words for Worry

inquietud, preocupar, acosar, preocuparse, inquietarse.

Swedish word for Worry

oroa sig.

Tamil word for Worry


Turkish word for Worry