How To Spell history?

Correct spelling: history

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What are the rhymes for history?

  1. mystery;
  2. protohistory;

What are the translations for history?

Afrikaans word for History


Chinese words for History

史, 沿革, 来历, 历史学.

Dutch words for History

verleden, geschiedenis, achtergrond, verhaal.

French words for History

patrimoine, histoire, historique, antécédent, chronique.

German words for History

Geschichte, Vorgeschichte, Werdegang, Historie, Geschichtswissenschaft.

Greek word for History


Italian word for History


Japanese words for History

歴史, ヒストリー, 来歴, ヒストリ, れきし, らいれき, いわれいんねん, どうさきろく, ゆらいしょ, 由来書, ちくはく, 謂われ, 史乗, 謂れ因縁, 動作記録, 竹帛.

Malay word for History


Portuguese words for History

passado, percurso, história.

Romanian word for History


Spanish words for History

trayectoria, antecedentes, pasado, relato, historial, historia.

Turkish word for History