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How To Spell analysis?

Correct spelling: analysis

Definition of analysis:

  1. an investigation of the component parts of a whole

List of misspellings for analysis:

  • analysing,
  • analisys,
  • anyalsis,
  • analysors,
  • analysze,
  • anylyse,
  • apocalysis,
  • analzyes,
  • analyz,
  • anaylisis,
  • analiys,
  • analsyis,
  • analasys,
  • analiysing,
  • analysi,
  • analysisi,
  • amalysis,
  • analylisis,
  • anaylasis,
  • anlayst,
  • analytis,
  • analise,
  • analasyst,
  • anylyzing,
  • analysed,
  • analysisng,
  • annaylsis,
  • analayis,
  • analaysed,
  • ananlysis,
  • analyzling,
  • anlayis,
  • anaylosis,
  • analyser,
  • analsts,
  • analysyst,
  • analyisi,
  • anmalysis,
  • anallisiss,
  • analyize,
  • anallases,
  • anaylsis,
  • anyalysing,
  • analizs,
  • analysist,
  • alalyses,
  • anylsis,
  • anlyasis,
  • annalisis,
  • anlaysts,
  • anilysing,
  • anlisis,
  • uranalysis,
  • alalysis,
  • analysize,
  • anlsyst,
  • analasis,
  • analyais,
  • alanysis,
  • analysas,
  • analysised,
  • anailisis,
  • anysis,
  • anallysed,
  • analisis,
  • anlasis,
  • analayse,
  • anyalysis,
  • anylyst,
  • analising,
  • anadlyzes,
  • anlysis,
  • annalyses,
  • anaylised,
  • anlysys,
  • analysiss,
  • analylis,
  • analsis,
  • analusis,
  • analsys,
  • analysers,
  • analyzize,
  • analysit,
  • anlaysis,
  • analyas,
  • analayst,
  • ananylsis,
  • analyisis,
  • analaysis,
  • anaphylasix,
  • anlyse,
  • analyse,
  • analys,
  • annalysed,
  • analysys,
  • analises,
  • analysus,
  • anlyses,
  • analysizes,
  • analsyt.

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A History of Vector Analysis


Book by Michael J. Crowe

A History of Vector Analysis is a book on the history of vector analysis by Michael J. Crowe, originally published by the University of Notre Dame Press.

Geological Society of London


Learned society

The Geological Society of London, known commonly as the Geological Society, is a learned society based in the United Kingdom. It is the oldest national geological society in the world and the largest in Europe with more than 12,000 Fellows.

School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution


University in Arlington, Virginia

The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution is a division of George Mason University based near Washington, D.C., United States with locations in Arlington, Fairfax, and Lorton, Virginia.

SOVA Center


Think tank

The SOVA Center for Information and Analysis is a Moscow-based nongovernmental organization and think tank conducting sociological research primarily on nationalism and racism in post-Soviet Russia.

Vector Analysis



Vector Analysis is a textbook by Edwin Bidwell Wilson, first published in 1901 and based on the lectures that Josiah Willard Gibbs had delivered on the subject at Yale University.

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Rhymes for analysis:

  1. dialysis;
  2. urinalysis;
  3. psychoanalysis;

Translations for analysis:

Arabic word for Analysis


Dutch words for Analysis

onderzoek, ontleding.

German word for Analysis


Greek word for Analysis


Italian words for Analysis

valutazione, esame, analisi.

Japanese word for Analysis


Polish words for Analysis

badanie, analiza, analizowanie.

Romanian word for Analysis


Spanish word for Analysis


Swedish word for Analysis


Turkish word for Analysis


Ukrainian word for Analysis


Vietnamese word for Analysis

quá trình phân tích.