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How To Spell explanation?

Correct spelling: explanation

What are the misspellings for explanation ?

  • explainations,
  • explantation,
  • explanatary,
  • explantion,
  • exaplanation,
  • exsplanation,
  • explanotary,
  • explnations,
  • exspantion,
  • expermination,
  • explanin,
  • exploation,
  • expalinations,
  • explianation,
  • explanationfor,
  • exlination,
  • explaantion,
  • explanantions,
  • explostion,
  • exploaration,
  • explanetaions,
  • expalination,
  • explainign,
  • explantaion,
  • explaition,
  • exsilaration,
  • exlanation,
  • excalamation,
  • explanitary,
  • explimation,
  • explaation,
  • expanchion,
  • explenations,
  • expenstion,
  • ecplanation,
  • exploataition,
  • explanantin,
  • exazallaration,
  • explanitry,
  • explanasion,
  • explainition,
  • explanaiton,
  • explenetion,
  • excelaration,
  • explananation,
  • examanation,
  • explanatery,
  • expalanation,
  • explanationa,
  • explation,
  • explonation,
  • explenation,
  • explanitory,
  • explainantion,
  • expolation,
  • expalantion,
  • exsplantion,
  • explonations,
  • expalntions,
  • explainion,
  • expantion,
  • explaintions,
  • expanstion,
  • explanmation,
  • explanaitions,
  • explaintion,
  • explnation,
  • expention,
  • exploiation,
  • epxlanation,
  • explanetion,
  • explanetions,
  • explanary,
  • explannation,
  • explanantion,
  • expination,
  • exampination,
  • explanaton,
  • exspansion,
  • expanssion,
  • exploartion,
  • explantations,
  • exploition,
  • explotation,
  • explatnation,
  • expliotation,
  • explainting,
  • explanitation,
  • explotiation,
  • explaiation,
  • explaination,
  • expulation,
  • explanination,
  • explaneing,
  • explaniation,
  • explinations,
  • explination,
  • exponentation,
  • expanation,
  • explainining.

What is the definition of explanation?

  1. a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc.; "the explanation was very simple"; "I expected a brief account"

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What are the quotes for explanation?

  1. I embarked on my life- I didn't do anything. I don't have an explanation.
  2. Don't confuse hypothesis and theory. The former is a possible explanation; the latter, the correct one. The establishment of theory is the very purpose of science.
  3. Facts which at first seem improbable will, even on scant explanation, drop the cloak which has hidden them and stand forth in naked and simple beauty.
  4. Whichever theory we adopt to give a rational explanation of human existence, that theory must take into account and explain the mental nature we see at work in all modern communities.
  5. Do not seek the because- in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.

What are the rhymes for explanation?

  1. stalinization, nucleation, presentation, distillation, stabilization, machination, edification, indignation, integration, exaggeration, maturation, evocation, narration, provocation, consolation, personalization, alteration, fermentation, exhilaration, renegotiation, medication, repatriation, emulation, confrontation, motivation, authentication, rehabilitation, regulation, cohabitation, segregation, redecoration, optimization, commemoration, approbation, coordination, deceleration, investigation, vacillation, reinvigoration, realization, transillumination, depredation, depravation, discontinuation, exploration, clarification, centralization, modulation, consecration, privation, insulation, insinuation, remediation, initiation, concatenation, differentiation, malformation, vaporization, amplification, decentralization, confederation, ovation, enumeration, profanation, immunization, reconfirmation, liberation, transportation, masturbation, proclamation, rectification, vulgarization, reaffirmation, vibration, reevaluation, molestation, connotation, desegregation, constellation, glorification, humiliation, palpitation, inhabitation, hibernation, reclassification, insemination, equalization, consultation, recertification, horatian, equitation, toleration, expropriation, localization, salvation, croatian, incarceration, fumigation, ligation, prostration, stipulation, relocation, oscillation, modification, negation, desiccation, consolidation, pigmentation, invalidation, corroboration, implication, propagation, graduation, mutilation, misrepresentation, exclamation, excommunication, conglomeration, optation, rejuvenation, fortification, polarization, navigation, vaccination, collaboration, lactation, duplication, condensation, temptation, designation, communization, translation, inactivation, simulation, liquidation, probation, menstruation, formation, origination, germination, representation, computerization, legalization, gravitation, christianization, nullification, consternation, frustration, devaluation, demodulation, incrustation, desalination, implantation, bifurcation, generalization, dislocation, depreciation, strangulation, stagflation, sedimentation, gastrulation, privatization, rotation, elongation, concentration, facilitation, aviation, perturbation, publication, confabulation, inundation, confiscation, inspiration, observation, determination, resignation, habitation, respiration, justification, misapplication, adaptation, examination, disinflation, nomination, dissociation, vilification, perpetuation, incrimination, democratization, coronation, gyration, falsification, disputation, organisation, exploitation, celebration, overpopulation, corporation, imagination, urbanization, industrialization, ordination, eradication, codification, qualification, undervaluation, dilation, exacerbation, fragmentation, demonstration, annihilation, unionization, pasteurization, evaluation, securitization, disintegration, civilization, identification, fabrication, destination, hallucination, ratification, aspiration, reincarnation, triangulation, exasperation, instigation, denationalization, irrigation, figuration, escalation, ministration, revaluation, explication, intensification, decertification, fixation, magnification, degradation, confirmation, agitation, dehumanization, exoneration, disorientation, miscommunication, naturalization, demarcation, trepidation, operation, ovulation, rationalization, decapitation, appreciation, violation, indoctrination, extermination, devastation, regimentation, embarkation, commendation, emigration, appropriation, renunciation, consummation, granulation, mutation, proration, organization, detoxification, inauguration, variation, appellation, advocation, oxidation, ostentation, plantation, registration, combination, decontamination, radiation, adoration, deification, denomination, illustration, maximization, domination, exfoliation, reparation, perforation, importation, discrimination, tabulation, fibrillation, intonation, obfuscation, conflagration, suffocation, utilization, harmonization, misinformation, improvisation, animation, modernization, elation, delineation, ionization, damnation, purification, communication, hydrogenation, irritation, criminalization, expectation, laceration, occupation, orchestration, reexamination, installation, sedation, procreation, mechanization, inoculation, liberalization, notification, demoralization, inflation, levitation, simplification, verification, pontification, correlation, dissemination, dalmatian, miscalculation, authorization, elaboration, sarmatian, generation, reputation, altercation, condemnation, reforestation, isolation, conjugation, legislation, punctuation, invocation, admiration, discoloration, transformation, demonization, duration, gradation, desalinization, donation, reconfiguration, standardization, recommendation, affirmation, deportation, privatisation, defamation, suburbanization, deprivation, misinterpretation, obligation, disinformation, agglomeration, reverberation, resuscitation, certification, mummification, infiltration, predestination, compensation, insubordination, subsidization, segmentation, refutation, education, demobilization, remuneration, incapacitation, pressurization, affiliation, estimation, decoration, participation, articulation, declaration, recreation, immigration, ossification, multiplication, alleviation, self-congratulation, moderation, elimination, fascination, adjudication, notation, specialization, creation, vocation, nondiscrimination, intimation, reaffiliation, hybridization, compilation, illumination, electrification, exhalation, stimulation, flotation, population, desecration, irradiation, revocation, pollination, reflation, regeneration, sensation, victimization, innovation, capitulation, manipulation, fluctuation, deflation, amputation, mineralization, preservation, permutation, revelation, reauthorization, cultivation, emancipation, ramification, calibration, normalization, inclination, prognostication, reorganization, inhalation, rededication, globalization, annexation, indication, categorization, gentrification, evacuation, titillation, speculation, nitration, incarnation, preparation, pronunciation, glaciation, nationalization, emanation, cremation, relaxation, recuperation, cogitation, westernization, dedication, accumulation, derivation, nonproliferation, alienation, reallocation, disqualification, recantation, termination, marginalization, cooperation, solicitation, lubrication, convocation, reconciliation, mobilization, collectivization, summation, dehydration, premeditation, diversification, inflammation, reformation, argumentation, balkanization, approximation, location, gasification, assassination, aggravation, relation, subluxation, impersonation, telecommunication, amelioration, retardation, experimentation, russification, conservation, incoordination, dissertation, recrimination, depopulation, sterilization, incorporation, perspiration, rehydration, ejaculation, documentation, precipitation, reiteration, deregulation, assimilation, sanctification, reunification, formulation, unification, syndication, renovation, annotation, flirtation, expatriation, excitation, cancellation, valuation, litigation, vacation, anticipation, dramatization, computation, instrumentation, limitation, starvation, deviation, gratification, dilatation, deliberation, crustacean, saponification, socialization, sequestration, fluoridation, reinterpretation, evaporation, consideration, denunciation, incubation, vindication, jubilation, reservation, overvaluation, conciliation, visualization, interpretation, interrogation, separation, intoxication, intimidation, incantation, recalculation, meditation, disinclination, degeneration, saturation, equivocation, backwardation, conversation, transplantation, hospitalization, reclamation, protestation, disembarkation, appalachian, sanitation, foundation, automation, oration, reconsideration, implementation, coagulation, miscreation, visitation, hyperinflation, allocation, corp, divination, revitalization, subordination, politicization, excavation, echolocation, exhumation, detonation, congratulation, amalgamation, elevation, commercialization, neutralization, preoccupation, congregation, continuation, colonization, configuration, mitigation, negotiation, personification, augmentation, deformation, avocation, delegation, invitation, foliation, infestation, indexation, adulation, impregnation, restoration, rumination, hydration, quantification, deforestation, contamination, fertilization, validation, imitation, dissipation, arbitration, migration, substantiation, quotation, renomination, monopolization, contemplation, filtration, calculation, desperation, proliferation, usurpation, infatuation, ventilation, repudiation, hesitation, tribulation, misappropriation, specification, complication, classification, gestation, expiration, miseration, vegetation, culmination, dispensation, extrapolation, ornamentation, characterization, orientation, recitation, imputation, popularization, stagnation, miniaturization, affrication, disorganization, retaliation, association, coloration, indemnification, domestication, amortization, sophistication, mediation, affectation, dictation, destabilization, manifestation, information, libration, exhortation, situation, federation, misidentification, taxation, indentation, desolation, pagination, refrigeration, pacification, magnetization, allegation, prefabrication, procrastination, replication, constipation, application;
  2. ration, haitian, station, nation;
  3. cessation, citation, alsatian, cetacean, castration, carnation, causation;
  4. acclimation, abdication, abrogation, aberration, activation, accusation;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination;
  6. capitalization, acidification, cannibalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, americanization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

What are the translations for explanation?

Afrikaans word for Explanation


Arabic word for Explanation


Dutch words for Explanation

omschrijving, verklaring, uiteenzetting, uitleg, toelichting, verduidelijking, opheldering, motivering.

French words for Explanation

explication, justification, explicitation.

German words for Explanation

Vermerk, Antwort, Darlegung, Rechtfertigung, Deutung, Annotation.

Italian word for Explanation


Japanese words for Explanation

弁明, 説明し, 解釈, 釈明, 訓解, 弁解, 言訳, ゆし, 通解, いいひらき, 通釈, せつめい, くんかい, せつじ, 諭旨, べんめい, しょせつ, 説示, いいわけ, 言い分け, 所説, しゃくめい, 陳弁, ちんべん, 言分け, 言開き, かいしゃく, ときあかし, 叙説, つうかい, つうしゃく, 説き明かし, 言い訳, 言い開き.

Javanese word for Explanation


Malay word for Explanation


Polish words for Explanation

wyjaśnienie, objaśnienie, definicja, omówienie, wytłumaczenie.

Portuguese words for Explanation

explicação, esclarecimento, explanação, explicitação, elucidação, clarificação.

Romanian word for Explanation


Russian word for Explanation


Spanish word for Explanation


Swedish word for Explanation


Ukrainian word for Explanation


Vietnamese word for Explanation

lời giải thích.