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How To Spell imagination?

Correct spelling: imagination

List of misspellings for imagination:

  • ignation,
  • immigation,
  • imganination,
  • imagaination,
  • imagniation,
  • imaginination,
  • imagintion,
  • imaginatio,
  • i'magination,
  • imagantions,
  • imuncation,
  • imagintaion,
  • imajanation,
  • imaginatiion,
  • immigrantation,
  • emaginaion,
  • imginations,
  • imagiation,
  • afganastian,
  • imagenations,
  • immirgation,
  • imgainations,
  • magination,
  • imaginashon,
  • imagionation,
  • imagenation,
  • imaginiations,
  • imaginaion,
  • imagineation,
  • imagation,
  • inmagination,
  • ogacoantion,
  • emaginations,
  • imagantion,
  • amagenation,
  • immagination,
  • imaginetion,
  • imaganashion,
  • amalgimation,
  • imaginnation,
  • imagfination,
  • immagreation,
  • imeragration,
  • imaginatipon,
  • immigartion,
  • imagineering,
  • imaginaiton,
  • imagonation,
  • imagineing,
  • imgantion,
  • immaginations,
  • imagartion,
  • miscegination,
  • imageation,
  • imaganation,
  • imaignation,
  • immagation,
  • imaginatin,
  • imaganshion,
  • imationation,
  • immagintation,
  • immagration,
  • imagainations,
  • imaginastion,
  • immgiration,
  • imaginantion,
  • imaginaton,
  • immergation,
  • imaigination,
  • imaginenation,
  • imgiantion,
  • imgination,
  • immunication,
  • imfornation,
  • imagnination,
  • imagration,
  • imaginatiojn,
  • imaingation,
  • imagnation,
  • immigrantion,
  • imaginatory,
  • imganation,
  • eamination,
  • organiation,
  • comgination,
  • imigation,
  • imination,
  • imaginatoin,
  • emagination,
  • imagatiaton,
  • imaganations,
  • imigination,
  • imaginaing,
  • ingnition,
  • igintion,
  • imagaintaion,
  • imagentation,
  • imagiantion,
  • imagimation,
  • afgainistian.

Related words for imagination

Gardens of the Imagination


Garden in Terrasson-Lavilledieu, France

The Gardens of the Imagination in Terrasson-Lavilledieu, in the Dordogne Department of France, is a public park and contemporary garden, classified by the Committee of Parks and Gardens of the Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France.

Imagination Station Science Museum


Museum in Wilson, North Carolina

Imagination Station Science & History Museum is an interactive science museum located in downtown Wilson, North Carolina at 224 East Nash Street.

Keys to Imagination


Studio album by Yanni

Keys to Imagination is the second studio album by Keyboardist Yanni, released on the Private Music label in 1986.

The Pleasures of Imagination


Poem by Mark Akenside

The Pleasures of the Imagination is a long didactic poem by Mark Akenside, first published in 1744. The first book defines the powers of imagination and discusses the various kinds of pleasure to be derived from the perception of beauty; the second distinguishes works of imagination from philosophy; the third describes the pleasure to be found in the study of man, the sources of ridicule, the operations of the mind, in producing works of imagination, and the influence of imagination on morals.

Visual Imagination



Visual Imagination Ltd. was a British company that produced genre magazines. It was founded in 1985 by Stephen Payne and originally only published the science-fiction magazine Fantasy Image.

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This graph shows how "imagination" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for imagination:

  1. Works of imagination should be written in very plain language; the more purely imaginative they are the more necessary it is to be plain.
  2. Everybody in their own imagination decides what scary is.
  3. I like photographs which leave something to the imagination.
  4. I have no idea why I write. The old standards are: I like to express my feelings, stretch my imagination, earn money.
  5. It's just a way of trying to get to a third thing that's not particular to any quote -unquote genre. It's been great for me; it's really opened me up and gotten me to use that part of my imagination. It's very scary in a lot of ways, and just as exciting.

Rhymes for imagination:

  1. toleration, gentrification, admiration, combination, inactivation, presentation, flirtation, convocation, perpetuation, negotiation, miscommunication, incapacitation, mummification, regeneration, mediation, amplification, collectivization, industrialization, emanation, irradiation, computation, exacerbation, sedimentation, degeneration, demonization, maximization, indemnification, laceration, sophistication, regimentation, dissertation, strangulation, dehumanization, specification, optimization, limitation, enumeration, cooperation, evocation, hyperinflation, impregnation, categorization, certification, bifurcation, hydrogenation, exasperation, conservation, situation, ramification, fumigation, investigation, ovation, criminalization, evaluation, consultation, creation, emancipation, stipulation, reclamation, equivocation, insubordination, infestation, deviation, russification, reauthorization, democratization, clarification, intimidation, detoxification, duration, accumulation, reaffirmation, granulation, marginalization, incorporation, recertification, concatenation, propagation, renomination, foliation, qualification, sterilization, confrontation, characterization, misinterpretation, experimentation, exhilaration, miniaturization, intonation, designation, classification, gratification, vaporization, oscillation, destination, congratulation, rededication, altercation, electrification, denationalization, calibration, instrumentation, implementation, echolocation, amortization, summation, authorization, imitation, humiliation, privation, titillation, automation, culmination, salvation, inspiration, population, pronunciation, probation, recrimination, concentration, examination, incrimination, corp, speculation, embarkation, stimulation, dramatization, perturbation, excavation, ovulation, rehydration, manifestation, deliberation, manipulation, undervaluation, augmentation, incarceration, demarcation, explication, migration, centralization, disembarkation, instigation, declaration, generalization, flotation, amelioration, filtration, impersonation, preparation, deforestation, expiration, pressurization, domination, equitation, narration, stalinization, extermination, confabulation, affectation, interpretation, fertilization, personification, transportation, reparation, amputation, cohabitation, variation, celebration, indexation, regulation, restoration, usurpation, disintegration, ratification, ejaculation, contemplation, taxation, explanation, elaboration, excitation, contamination, vulgarization, operation, gestation, ostentation, congregation, navigation, dissociation, consolation, demoralization, agglomeration, consternation, connotation, communization, self-congratulation, deflation, approximation, indoctrination, recalculation, refrigeration, vacillation, immunization, determination, levitation, oration, hospitalization, horatian, frustration, conjugation, appropriation, dictation, commercialization, vegetation, standardization, urbanization, westernization, cremation, desolation, depreciation, deportation, malformation, purification, innovation, croatian, depravation, recreation, jubilation, reverberation, inclination, hydration, notation, habitation, appalachian, conglomeration, confiscation, fabrication, profanation, commemoration, mutilation, disorientation, mineralization, rotation, deregulation, federation, detonation, premeditation, temptation, exploitation, application, substantiation, dispensation, recantation, visualization, revocation, consecration, indignation, rehabilitation, continuation, stagnation, domestication, misinformation, initiation, notification, adoration, mutation, polarization, advocation, evaporation, elation, punctuation, orchestration, oxidation, isolation, gyration, pontification, recuperation, installation, relaxation, organisation, nucleation, consummation, popularization, disinformation, incubation, allegation, utilization, irrigation, identification, implantation, quantification, inhabitation, localization, ossification, correlation, dislocation, aviation, amalgamation, monopolization, meditation, multiplication, nationalization, procreation, glaciation, personalization, liquidation, nondiscrimination, repatriation, simulation, immigration, germination, ligation, duplication, reforestation, dehydration, liberation, denunciation, corporation, disinclination, disorganization, protestation, ionization, differentiation, cogitation, arbitration, plantation, neutralization, desegregation, lubrication, insinuation, molestation, trepidation, registration, distillation, improvisation, hibernation, alleviation, donation, exfoliation, unionization, magnification, eradication, reflation, coagulation, condensation, recitation, occupation, decoration, inflammation, agitation, exhalation, overpopulation, maturation, reconsideration, conciliation, recommendation, modulation, adaptation, revitalization, fibrillation, miscalculation, telecommunication, rectification, devastation, glorification, consideration, exoneration, exploration, escalation, stabilization, intoxication, resuscitation, publication, affrication, imputation, damnation, consolidation, mechanization, illustration, reexamination, relation, gravitation, interrogation, reinterpretation, masturbation, gastrulation, incantation, insemination, vilification, magnetization, preservation, renovation, precipitation, negation, hybridization, respiration, deification, gradation, unification, derivation, location, privatization, politicization, pagination, normalization, affirmation, termination, securitization, rejuvenation, nullification, replication, conversation, delegation, degradation, divination, transplantation, segregation, approbation, reorganization, balkanization, reformation, nomination, decontamination, segmentation, representation, suffocation, sequestration, desalination, disinflation, organization, repudiation, proration, tribulation, deprivation, depredation, suburbanization, formulation, revaluation, subordination, fortification, specialization, fragmentation, optation, animation, transillumination, naturalization, ornamentation, dilatation, hallucination, cultivation, inauguration, aggravation, decentralization, coloration, participation, tabulation, irritation, devaluation, exaggeration, revelation, constipation, desalinization, insulation, dissipation, mobilization, remuneration, communication, affiliation, solicitation, pigmentation, gasification, cancellation, graduation, emigration, inflation, adulation, renunciation, civilization, resignation, appreciation, edification, backwardation, renegotiation, legislation, dalmatian, pacification, nonproliferation, anticipation, sanitation, vibration, constellation, coronation, prognostication, christianization, emulation, reincarnation, origination, libration, deformation, vacation, translation, avocation, reservation, destabilization, discrimination, adjudication, indentation, annihilation, elevation, fermentation, coordination, condemnation, perspiration, misrepresentation, association, calculation, capitulation, invitation, implication, transformation, desecration, harmonization, inhalation, vocation, expectation, reinvigoration, incrustation, reputation, fascination, disputation, refutation, exhumation, triangulation, medication, delineation, facilitation, mitigation, reiteration, demodulation, annotation, separation, moderation, saponification, codification, argumentation, falsification, socialization, authentication, appellation, pollination, confirmation, misapplication, colonization, nitration, retardation, inundation, fixation, elimination, permutation, subluxation, valuation, miseration, alienation, illumination, menstruation, radiation, desiccation, vindication, saturation, demobilization, expatriation, motivation, miscreation, collaboration, intimation, incarnation, verification, confederation, reclassification, provocation, reconfiguration, inoculation, defamation, dilation, fluoridation, invalidation, ordination, decapitation, conflagration, simplification, machination, computerization, proliferation, generation, excommunication, expropriation, redecoration, reallocation, remediation, reevaluation, relocation, modification, sensation, information, exclamation, legalization, preoccupation, reunification, demonstration, education, subsidization, desperation, starvation, reconfirmation, litigation, allocation, compilation, ventilation, assassination, configuration, aspiration, predestination, prostration, diversification, vaccination, compensation, misidentification, dedication, disqualification, orientation, visitation, infatuation, crustacean, liberalization, pasteurization, commendation, exhortation, infiltration, validation, dissemination, importation, assimilation, quotation, privatisation, formation, equalization, decertification, incoordination, rumination, invocation, syndication, proclamation, figuration, sarmatian, lactation, discoloration, ministration, observation, misappropriation, overvaluation, obfuscation, sedation, intensification, retaliation, prefabrication, foundation, depopulation, modernization, reaffiliation, fluctuation, palpitation, stagflation, integration, rationalization, victimization, alteration, discontinuation, sanctification, complication, indication, documentation, articulation, justification, elongation, reconciliation, annexation, denomination, corroboration, deceleration, realization, globalization, violation, procrastination, hesitation, evacuation, estimation, obligation, perforation, extrapolation;
  2. station, nation, haitian, ration;
  3. causation, alsatian, cetacean, cessation, citation, castration, carnation;
  4. abdication, aberration, abrogation, acclimation, activation, accusation;
  5. accreditation, abbreviation, abomination, accommodation, acceleration;
  6. cannibalization, alphabetization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. antidiscrimination, decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for imagination:

Arabic word for Imagination


Chinese word for Imagination


Dutch words for Imagination

verbeelding, inbeelding, verbeeldingskracht, voorstellingsvermogen.

French words for Imagination

fantaisie, imaginaire.

German words for Imagination

Vorstellung, Fantasie, Phantasie, Einbildungskraft, Vorstellungskraft, Einfallsreichtum, Einbildung, Imagination, Ideenreichtum, Vorstellungswelt, Vorstellungsvermögen, Vorstellungsgabe.

Italian word for Imagination


Javanese words for Imagination

Fantasi, Bayangan.

Malay word for Imagination


Polish word for Imagination


Romanian word for Imagination


Turkish word for Imagination

hayal gücü.

Ukrainian word for Imagination


Vietnamese word for Imagination

trí tưởng tượng.