How To Spell guess?

Correct spelling: guess

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What are the rhymes for guess?

  1. ches, dress, vess, less, crests, kess, yes, chess, hesse, press, bless, gess, wes, jess, les, nes, gless, mess, pless, guests, tess, fess, s, stress, tress, ress, ques, fests, es, hess, abs, esse, ess, ness, bess, cress;
  2. profess, retests, invests, transgress, ellesse, largesse, oppress, regress, suppress, molests, attests, egress, assess, fluoresce, recess, progress, suggests, compress, contests, ls, digests, express, divests, excess, repress, depress, vs, ts, redress, possess, obsess, requests, etess, fs, caress, distress, protests, unless, infests, finesse, address, confess, undress, digress, success, aggress, impress, noblesse;
  3. ccs, las, dispossess, ins, cps, convalesce, acquiesce, lcs, nonetheless, cus, coalesce, uys, oas, repossess, reinvests, dss, reassess, uss, pos, ers;
  4. adss, abts, ws, stds, cmos, tcas, hces, nevertheless;

What are the translations for guess?

Dutch words for Guess

gok, raden, gissen, vermoeden, veronderstellen, schatting, inschatten, gissing.

French words for Guess

estimation, supposer, estimer, chute, croire, créer, penser, imaginer, deviner, supposition, conjecture.

German words for Guess

annehmen, vermuten, raten, Annahme, meinen, glauben, Vermutung, erraten, erahnen, ahnen, denken, tippen, Spekulation, Mutmaßung, Schatten, imaginär, Approximation.

Japanese words for Guess

想像, 当たり, 窺う, そうぞう, 中たり, すいそく, 判ずる, 推し量る, しぎ, 当たりをつける, 推し計る, すいさつ, 覗う, 推し測る, 当りをつける, はんじる, 当りを付ける, おくそく, すいりょう, そんたく, ぎもん, やま, 判じる, にらむ.

Portuguese words for Guess

crer, adivinhar, palpite, supor, chutar, estimativa, advinhar.

Russian words for Guess

догадываться, угадывать, догадка.

Spanish words for Guess

suponer, adivinar, acertar, conjetura, estimación, presunción, estimar, descifrar, figurarse, intuir, tentativa, conjeturar, especular.