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How To Spell story?

Correct spelling: story

List of misspellings for story:

  • seditory,
  • storly,
  • strue,
  • restora,
  • s'more,
  • citry,
  • stroy,
  • storer,
  • srore,
  • mystory,
  • distroy,
  • thestory,
  • storu,
  • stroty,
  • stort,
  • dtory,
  • esstuary,
  • rotory,
  • staregy,
  • visitore,
  • stree,
  • soryy,
  • historu,
  • streo,
  • strog,
  • storei,
  • stoy,
  • sotre,
  • hiostory,
  • satutory,
  • strom,
  • storiy,
  • sectory,
  • storyof,
  • hisrtory,
  • strok,
  • strory,
  • stron,
  • sttory,
  • jistory,
  • stonr,
  • soutrh,
  • yesteray,
  • histtory,
  • srory,
  • stero,
  • stotre,
  • stiry,
  • astry,
  • notery,
  • sutre,
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  • secertary,
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  • stroug,
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  • strore,
  • notray,
  • hisstory,
  • sitefor,
  • westoboro,
  • historyy,
  • deastroy,
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  • hhistory,
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  • stomr,
  • sterdy.

What does the abbreviation story mean?


Story as a boy's name.

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American singer-songwriter

Laura Mixon Story Elvington is an American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Her single off the album Blessings became her first to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart.

Liz Story


American pianist

Liz Story is an American pianist. Story was born in San Diego, California and played classical music as a child. She studied at Juilliard School and was a student at Hunter College when she saw jazz pianist Bill Evans perform at a club in New York City.

Toy Story 4

2019 film

Ultraman Story


1984 film

Ultraman Story is a 1984 Japanese tokusatsu, superhero, and kaiju film directed by Koichi Takano and produced by Tsuburaya Productions.

Unsung Story


Video game

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is a tactical role-playing game in development by Little Orbit for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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This graph shows how "story" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for story:

  1. mori, kaori, storey, tory, dorie, glori, florey, rory, kory, lory, cory, florry, maury, morry, florrie, glory, quarry, lorry, gory, korey, hori, dorey, lorey, tori, dori, corrie, jory, laury, torey, torry, norrie, hoary, torie, ory, corry, morey, flory, lori, torrey, morrie, gori, lawry, flori, ori, dory, norry, maurie, korry, lorie, dorrie, corey, lawrie, lorrie;
  2. gregori, pylori, fiore, tempore, fiori;
  3. montessori, inventory, elinore, cacciatore, salvatore;
  4. eleonore;

Translations for story:

Arabic word for Story


Dutch words for Story

verdieping, verhaal, vertelling, relaas, vertelsel.

French words for Story

affaire, article, histoire, conte, nouvelle, anecdote, fabliau.

German words for Story

Geschichte, Artikel, Reportage, Etage, Handlung, Stock, Sujet, Stockwerk, Historie, Narration, Story, Geschoss, Schwindelei, Schwank, Fabel.

Italian words for Story

storie, storia.

Japanese words for Story

物語, ストーリー, お話, お話し, ストーリ, おはなし, かたりく, 御話, 語り句.

Javanese word for Story


Polish word for Story


Portuguese words for Story

história, reportagem, conto, anedota, estória, fábula, episódio.

Romanian word for Story


Russian words for Story

история, рассказ, сюжет, изложение, повесть, легенда, газетный материал.

Spanish words for Story

relato, trama, argumento, piso, enredo, leyenda, historia, cuento, reportaje, noticia, narrativa, cerita.

Vietnamese word for Story

câu chuyện.