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How To Spell fabrication?

Correct spelling: fabrication

Definition of fabrication:

  1. a deliberately false or improbable account

List of misspellings for fabrication:

  • fabracating,
  • fabriction,
  • frabricating,
  • fab5ication,
  • cabrication,
  • fabricatior,
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  • fqbrication,
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  • fabricatiin.

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Book by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Affabulazione is an Italian tragedy play by Pier Paolo Pasolini. It was first published in 1966, and first performed in Turin in 1975 - the year of Pasolini's murder.

Australian National Fabrication Facility


Australian National Fabrication Facility has its headquarters at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication in Clayton, Victoria.

Cardinal Brands Fabrication S.A. de C.V.


Gulf Island Fabrication



Gulf Island Fabrication is an American manufacturer of specialized structures and marine vessels used in the energy sector. The company builds offshore oil and gas platforms, ships and also foundations for offshore wind turbines.

Moody Fabrication & Machine, Inc.


Moody Fabrication & Machine, Inc. was a subsidiary of M. D. Moody & Sons, Inc. that manufactured parts for heavy machinery equipment as well as operated barges for the transport of marine and construction equipment.

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This graph shows how "fabrication" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for fabrication:

  1. She imagined that he had embellished the old tale from his own recent experience, and, further, that Mr. Alan Howard was making fun of them and was no adept in the science of fabrication – The Desert Valley by Jackson Gregory

Quotes for fabrication:

  1. Is it possible that the portrait of the divine Son of God is an exaggeration, at best, or a complete fabrication, at worst, of the original Jesus?
  2. We may win when we lose, if we have done what we can; for by so doing we have made real at least some part of that finished product in whose fabrication we are most concerned: ourselves.
  3. Manufacturing takes place in very large facilities. If you want to build a computer chip, you need a giant semiconductor fabrication facility. But nature can grow complex molecular machines using nothing more than a plant.
  4. Most works of art, like most wines, ought to be consumed in the district of their fabrication.

Rhymes for fabrication:

  1. desalination, narration, incubation, incarnation, fibrillation, popularization, dalmatian, infestation, predestination, disembarkation, invitation, quotation, discontinuation, inundation, appropriation, desalinization, menstruation, destination, defamation, notification, compensation, oxidation, excitation, cancellation, relocation, examination, incrimination, confiscation, coronation, exasperation, detonation, mummification, misrepresentation, machination, relation, indignation, delineation, automation, devaluation, modulation, remediation, confrontation, miscommunication, complication, demobilization, expiration, jubilation, annexation, agglomeration, emanation, quantification, radiation, certification, demonization, lactation, contamination, fortification, inoculation, motivation, qualification, punctuation, classification, emulation, transformation, frustration, application, communization, nucleation, formulation, ratification, revitalization, implementation, convocation, exhalation, illustration, diversification, amortization, inactivation, tribulation, elation, rededication, disqualification, modification, translation, resignation, reexamination, approximation, nondiscrimination, identification, decentralization, reaffiliation, consolidation, characterization, elimination, ostentation, insulation, localization, privatisation, vaccination, decoration, registration, starvation, proliferation, consummation, propagation, organisation, organization, affectation, insubordination, demoralization, reforestation, hesitation, interpretation, cremation, constellation, dispensation, inflation, recalculation, investigation, articulation, croatian, dissertation, decapitation, negotiation, refrigeration, exploration, consolation, medication, cultivation, glaciation, protestation, simulation, expropriation, coloration, confabulation, standardization, adaptation, reclassification, advocation, reparation, depredation, experimentation, determination, foundation, dehumanization, reevaluation, replication, adulation, hybridization, installation, evaluation, optation, gasification, impregnation, amputation, implication, rejuvenation, commemoration, rotation, conjugation, gravitation, conciliation, habitation, vacation, inhabitation, assassination, hibernation, corp, evocation, depravation, documentation, mutilation, decontamination, legalization, discrimination, altercation, redecoration, confirmation, toleration, calculation, incorporation, malformation, intoxication, victimization, westernization, gradation, generation, rationalization, differentiation, proration, regulation, duration, lubrication, flotation, connotation, invalidation, location, integration, recrimination, pacification, contemplation, summation, elevation, disputation, intimation, exclamation, stimulation, reauthorization, germination, dehydration, ovation, personification, unification, dissipation, sophistication, provocation, hydrogenation, depopulation, affiliation, donation, fermentation, generalization, demarcation, deviation, urbanization, ionization, pontification, exhortation, amelioration, fascination, procreation, affirmation, devastation, disinflation, incantation, dramatization, deification, indentation, explication, reconciliation, eradication, dictation, perforation, termination, communication, crustacean, profanation, harmonization, gratification, aggravation, infatuation, reformation, approbation, ornamentation, emigration, maturation, preparation, colonization, exaggeration, manipulation, intimidation, specialization, initiation, desiccation, dilation, exploitation, exhilaration, capitulation, coagulation, clarification, taxation, naturalization, modernization, duplication, preservation, substantiation, continuation, navigation, revelation, saponification, interrogation, demodulation, centralization, authorization, vulgarization, origination, socialization, foliation, dislocation, miniaturization, polarization, reservation, inspiration, libration, civilization, litigation, desolation, triangulation, stalinization, misinformation, desecration, divination, rehabilitation, ossification, assimilation, recuperation, detoxification, obligation, revocation, recreation, collaboration, renunciation, impersonation, nullification, disinclination, ligation, sensation, globalization, categorization, visualization, instrumentation, suffocation, mechanization, decertification, situation, hydration, annotation, violation, dissemination, domestication, speculation, reverberation, irrigation, rumination, escalation, codification, pronunciation, nomination, disorientation, horatian, precipitation, procrastination, condemnation, condensation, authentication, infiltration, electrification, magnetization, reconfiguration, avocation, recantation, filtration, purification, undervaluation, vindication, mutation, reallocation, facilitation, population, aspiration, balkanization, compilation, palpitation, disinformation, emancipation, augmentation, derivation, deformation, prostration, transportation, simplification, vibration, confederation, arbitration, imagination, expectation, moderation, deforestation, laceration, representation, flirtation, validation, perturbation, self-congratulation, ovulation, neutralization, implantation, celebration, allocation, nonproliferation, edification, hyperinflation, proclamation, excommunication, regeneration, echolocation, meditation, alienation, humiliation, delegation, nitration, segmentation, exacerbation, miscreation, equalization, combination, resuscitation, rehydration, probation, misidentification, conglomeration, reiteration, vocation, premeditation, renegotiation, cogitation, admiration, securitization, multiplication, monopolization, correlation, oration, ministration, subluxation, federation, denomination, reinvigoration, falsification, degeneration, dissociation, mineralization, publication, reorganization, deregulation, oscillation, incapacitation, russification, occupation, adoration, enumeration, operation, refutation, dilatation, corporation, vacillation, instigation, conservation, stagnation, pollination, overvaluation, mobilization, transillumination, gastrulation, stabilization, manifestation, trepidation, congratulation, reconsideration, appellation, amalgamation, creation, misinterpretation, limitation, fluoridation, equitation, salvation, exoneration, commercialization, consideration, reaffirmation, miseration, animation, reconfirmation, innovation, maximization, indication, intonation, concatenation, estimation, christianization, telecommunication, recitation, bifurcation, gyration, degradation, relaxation, imitation, saturation, indemnification, regimentation, excavation, ramification, retaliation, fluctuation, segregation, titillation, politicization, figuration, valuation, anticipation, expatriation, alteration, mediation, argumentation, importation, respiration, indexation, reincarnation, isolation, sequestration, education, equivocation, recommendation, graduation, sanctification, deflation, concentration, prefabrication, orchestration, conflagration, levitation, transplantation, denunciation, strangulation, stipulation, personalization, pasteurization, recertification, separation, subordination, amplification, exfoliation, reflation, mitigation, agitation, constipation, association, incrustation, affrication, deliberation, retardation, consecration, consultation, incoordination, inclination, reinterpretation, glorification, immigration, privation, criminalization, commendation, justification, indoctrination, collectivization, stagflation, fixation, evaporation, deportation, computation, normalization, ventilation, incarceration, reclamation, renovation, sanitation, aviation, presentation, reputation, depreciation, vegetation, coordination, distillation, solicitation, immunization, temptation, exhumation, cohabitation, configuration, extermination, dedication, masturbation, plantation, notation, specification, industrialization, irradiation, privatization, variation, perspiration, marginalization, illumination, formation, destabilization, sedation, irritation, fumigation, explanation, insinuation, liberalization, conversation, gestation, unionization, calibration, optimization, miscalculation, syndication, inhalation, migration, visitation, utilization, cooperation, imputation, preoccupation, invocation, prognostication, improvisation, molestation, tabulation, sedimentation, repatriation, vaporization, computerization, granulation, nationalization, designation, disintegration, hallucination, orientation, legislation, obfuscation, fertilization, annihilation, consternation, subsidization, perpetuation, declaration, evacuation, domination, extrapolation, remuneration, renomination, insemination, denationalization, adjudication, restoration, accumulation, damnation, inflammation, ordination, elongation, gentrification, deceleration, sarmatian, liquidation, embarkation, inauguration, hospitalization, pigmentation, permutation, desegregation, magnification, reunification, corroboration, fragmentation, participation, observation, revaluation, sterilization, culmination, elaboration, pressurization, congregation, disorganization, vilification, misapplication, repudiation, verification, deprivation, pagination, appalachian, negation, appreciation, rectification, ejaculation, discoloration, intensification, democratization, information, realization, liberation, demonstration, overpopulation, misappropriation, suburbanization, alleviation, backwardation, allegation, desperation, usurpation;
  2. nation, ration, haitian, station;
  3. carnation, citation, cessation, cetacean, causation, castration, alsatian;
  4. aberration, accusation, acclimation, activation, abdication, abrogation;
  5. accommodation, accreditation, abomination, abbreviation, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, acidification, cannibalization;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, americanization, antidiscrimination;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for fabrication:

Bengali word for Fabrication


Dutch words for Fabrication

productie, vervaardiging, fabricage, verzinsel.

French word for Fabrication


German words for Fabrication

Fertigung, Verarbeitung, Produktion, Herstellung, Erzeugung, Anfertigung, Erfindung, Fabrikation, Hirngespinst, Vorfertigung, Lügenmärchen.

Greek word for Fabrication


Italian word for Fabrication


Japanese words for Fabrication

虚構, 譎詐, ねつぞう, えそらごと, 贋造, けっさ, 仮作, かさく, 拵え事, 捏ち上げ, 作話, きょこう, 絵空事, ぎぞう, ねつ造, 捏っち上げ, 捏造, でっち上げ, でっちあげ, 絵空言, 作り話, つくりばなし, きっさ, こしらえごと, がんぞう, さくわ.

Korean word for Fabrication


Malay word for Fabrication


Norwegian word for Fabrication


Polish word for Fabrication


Romanian word for Fabrication


Russian words for Fabrication

изготовление, фабрикация, выдумка, вымысел.

Swedish word for Fabrication


Tamil word for Fabrication


Turkish word for Fabrication


Ukrainian word for Fabrication