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How To Spell discussion?

Correct spelling: discussion

List of misspellings for discussion:

  • discussinon,
  • discusin,
  • disvussion,
  • disvision,
  • desiccion,
  • dicussion,
  • descission,
  • disgunish,
  • discression,
  • decousion,
  • desscussion,
  • disccussion,
  • discussopn,
  • discussioin,
  • discussiosn,
  • descussing,
  • discussin,
  • dicsussion,
  • dsicussing,
  • discuessions,
  • discusssions,
  • dissicussion,
  • dicusission,
  • disusion,
  • discusison,
  • disscousion,
  • disscussing,
  • discuscion,
  • descision,
  • discussian,
  • discusstion,
  • disuccsion,
  • dfiscussion,
  • discipsion,
  • disivision,
  • dicesion,
  • disscussions,
  • disishion,
  • discation,
  • dscussions,
  • discusssion,
  • disscussion,
  • disistion,
  • descussion,
  • disression,
  • diseccion,
  • discutions,
  • dyskenesia,
  • discsussion,
  • ddiscussion,
  • disucssing,
  • disgussion,
  • disccusion,
  • desctution,
  • discussen,
  • deccesion,
  • disfuction,
  • dessission,
  • discusion,
  • deccission,
  • discusiion,
  • diccision,
  • discussionon,
  • dissession,
  • discushion,
  • discuission,
  • discussign,
  • disction,
  • discusiong,
  • discacion,
  • disrution,
  • desicsion,
  • discition,
  • disscusstion,
  • decsision,
  • discusions,
  • disucsion,
  • discussiion,
  • discsions,
  • dsicussion,
  • discussionn,
  • dsission,
  • discusson,
  • discission,
  • dissgression,
  • disussion,
  • descution,
  • dissision,
  • dissussion,
  • discusssing,
  • dissucussion,
  • discution,
  • discussionm,
  • discresion,
  • disscution,
  • diuscussion,
  • disission,
  • discrsion,
  • discuaaion,
  • dscussion.

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Interstellar Discussion


Album by Jandek

Interstellar Discussion is the ninth album by Jandek, and his only release of 1984. It was released as Corwood 0747. It was reissued on CD in 2001.

Jerald terHorst


Former White House Press Secretary

Jerald Franklin "Jerry" terHorst was an American journalist who served as the White House Press Secretary during the first month of Gerald Ford's presidency.

Praxis Discussion Series


Australian television series

The Praxis Discussion Series was established by the World Bank office in Sydney, Australia in order to provide a forum to discuss ideas, approaches, initiatives and policy pertinent to international development.

The Discussion


1961 film

Debatik is a 1961 Albanian drama movie directed by Hysen Hakani. It was produced as a fictional work for the creation of the Debatik organization in Albania in 1942.

The Feederz


Rock band

The Feederz are a punk rock band, originally from Arizona. They are known for their controversial song "Jesus", which was featured on Alternative Tentacles' infamous Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation, and for their provocative album covers.

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Quotes for discussion:

  1. I come to urge my party to be open to debate and discussion; to move away from a lock -step litmus test which advocates abortion on demand in an effort to reach a broader national consensus.
  2. Avoid any specific discussion of public policy at public meetings.
  3. But if I have a lot of imagination, I could tell myself whatever I wanted, you know. I handle myself quite well. I'm kind of fascist with myself, you know. There's no discussion. There is an order. You follow it.
  4. Discussion in class, which means letting twenty young blockheads and two cocky neurotics discuss something that neither their teacher nor they know.
  5. So I think it's important to communicate with the people in terms of what the real facts are on these proposals and try to have a discussion and a dialogue that gives people information. I think they're hungry for that rather than just political rhetoric.

Rhymes for discussion:

  1. prussian, russian;
  2. concussion, percussion;
  3. repercussion;

Translations for discussion:

Arabic word for Discussion


Bengali word for Discussion


Chinese words for Discussion

讨論, 研讨, 商讨, 商议, 议论, 交谈, 对谈, 丛谈.

Dutch words for Discussion

gesprek, bespreking, discussie, dialoog, overleg, gedachtewisseling.

French words for Discussion

débat, discussion, conversation, dialogue.

German words for Discussion

Besprechung, Beratung, Unterhaltung, Konferenz, Auseinandersetzung, Diskussion, Gespräch, Debatte, Analyse, Unterredung, Aussprache, Durchsprache.

Italian word for Discussion


Javanese word for Discussion


Malay word for Discussion


Norwegian word for Discussion


Polish words for Discussion

rozmowa, dyskusja, debata.

Portuguese word for Discussion


Romanian word for Discussion


Russian words for Discussion

дискуссия, разговор, переговоры.

Spanish words for Discussion

debate, discusión, diálogo, deliberación.

Vietnamese word for Discussion

sự thảo luận.