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How To Spell chat?

Correct spelling: chat

Definition of chat:

  1. To talk in a light and familiar manner; to converse without form or ceremony; to gossip.

List of misspellings for chat:

  • chatau,
  • shhet,
  • chache,
  • ciyt,
  • caht,
  • phat,
  • chitzy,
  • chaet,
  • cheak,
  • shatt,
  • thaht,
  • chan,
  • chrt,
  • wchat,
  • cht,
  • cheatah,
  • chabot,
  • chateau13,
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  • what,
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  • barchart,
  • sheat.

What does the abbreviation chat mean?


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Rhymes for chat:

  1. splat, lat, krat, hat, katt, flat, gatt, bratt, gnat, scat, fat, hatt, spat, brat, patt, matte, slat, cat, platt, nat, vat, platte, stat, batt, gat, that, blatt, matt, pat, mat, sat, kat, tat, at, dat, rat, catt, pratt, bat;
  2. combat, at-bat, begat, sadat, landsat, nonfat, elat, cravat;
  3. gujarat, inmarsat, rat-a-tat;
  4. hnat;

Translations for chat:

Afrikaans word for Chat


Arabic word for Chat


Bengali word for Chat


Chinese words for Chat

聊, 聊天, 对话, 拉扯, 谈天, 闲聊, 拉话, 攀谈, 闲聊天, 叙谈.

Dutch words for Chat

praten, praatje, gesprek, babbel, kletsen, keuvelen, een praatje maken, kwebbelen.

French words for Chat

discussion, conversation, discuter, bavarder, causer, jaser, papoter, clavardage, bavardage, causerie, clavarder, placoter, dialoguer en ligne.

German words for Chat

Unterhaltung, Plauderei, Chat, plaudern, chatten, Klatsch, schwatzen, Plausch, Schwatz, Geplauder, Schnack, lockere Unterhaltung, Plauderstündchen, plauschen, schnacken, klönen, ratschen, plappern, talken, Chatter.

Greek word for Chat


Hindi word for Chat


Italian words for Chat

chiacchierata, chiacchiera.

Japanese words for Chat

おしゃべり, トーク, 歓談, むだ話, 漫談, 世間話, むだばなし, しゃべり, まんだん.

Javanese word for Chat


Korean word for Chat


Malay word for Chat


Marathi word for Chat

चॅट करा.

Norwegian word for Chat


Polish words for Chat

rozmowa, czat, pogadanka, pogawędka.

Portuguese words for Chat

conversa, bater papo, bate-papo, prosa, papear.

Romanian word for Chat


Russian words for Chat

чат, беседа, разговаривать.

Spanish words for Chat

conversar, hablar, charla, platicar, charlar, chatear, parloteo, parlotear.

Swedish word for Chat


Tamil word for Chat


Turkish word for Chat


Ukrainian word for Chat


Vietnamese word for Chat

chuyện phiếm.