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How To Spell being?

Correct spelling: being

List of misspellings for being:

  • beoming,
  • buyng,
  • beoing,
  • deing,
  • beting,
  • bringa,
  • berni,
  • bacing,
  • birng,
  • begaing,
  • bxing,
  • blueing,
  • brein,
  • biging,
  • bakeing,
  • biteing,
  • leign,
  • bateing,
  • beonly,
  • betaing,
  • beong,
  • beean,
  • broing,
  • beine,
  • bornig,
  • beibg,
  • lieing,
  • beeding,
  • beeeing,
  • bieing,
  • bearng,
  • ibeing,
  • beingf,
  • brign,
  • bueno,
  • beeign,
  • beimng,
  • beiging,
  • bejiing,
  • beinfg,
  • beeming,
  • eing,
  • benine,
  • benigh,
  • benight,
  • beaing,
  • ebeing,
  • buing,
  • buuena,
  • boping,
  • becing,
  • ceioing,
  • tbeing,
  • 25bring,
  • bareing,
  • beign,
  • beingthe,
  • beenb,
  • bindge,
  • veing,
  • beming,
  • binar,
  • beingt,
  • beloing,
  • ebign,
  • bbeen,
  • beging,
  • breaing,
  • beiung,
  • byeing,
  • boirn,
  • beive,
  • beingg,
  • bigg,
  • bining,
  • nbeing,
  • beeing,
  • beern,
  • vbeen,
  • beduin,
  • biing,
  • bingey,
  • eaing,
  • beinh,
  • beone,
  • beiang,
  • beewn,
  • buynig,
  • beening,
  • briing,
  • beene,
  • begiing,
  • bleeing,
  • ceiing,
  • meeing,
  • sbeen,
  • bejing,
  • ueing,
  • bikni,
  • bunie.

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Being Michael Madsen is a 2007 comedy film directed by Michael Mongillo and produced by Daniel A. Sherkow. The film takes a mockumentary approach in re-imagining actor Michael Madsen as a paparazzi-hounded movie star who hatches a revenge scheme against a tabloid journalist.

Being Osama


2004 film

Being Osama is an award-winning documentary produced in 2004 by Tim Schwab and Mahmoud Kaabour. Director Mahmoud Kaabour is the founder and managing director of Veritas Films, now based in the United Arab Emirates.

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TV series

Being... N-Dubz is a documentary series detailing the life and times of English hip-hop group N-Dubz. The series was sponsored by Adidas Originals, and broadcast on 4Music and Channel 4 from 21 June 2010 to 18 May 2011.

Loteki Supernatural Being



Ch. Loteki Supernatural Being also known as Kirby, a Papillon, best known for being the only dog to have won all three major international dog shows in the same year and being the oldest winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at eight years old, until his record was broken in 2009 by Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee at ten years old.

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Animated series

Twinkle, the Dream Being is an American animated television series that aired in 1993 in syndication in the U.S. and MBC TV in South Korea for Daejeon Expo 1993. The show was produced by Zodiac Entertainment, Sei Young Anitel and Calico Entertainment.

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Translations for being:

Afrikaans word for Being


Arabic word for Being


Bengali word for Being


Dutch words for Being

wezen, schepsel.

French words for Being

existence, créature.

German words for Being

Dasein, Wesen, leben, sein, Lebewesen, Wesenheit, Geschöpf, Ente.

Hindi word for Being

किया जा रहा है.

Italian word for Being


Japanese word for Being


Javanese word for Being


Korean word for Being


Malay word for Being


Marathi word for Being


Norwegian word for Being

å være.

Polish word for Being


Romanian word for Being


Russian words for Being

жизнь, существо, бытие.

Spanish words for Being

ser, existencia, criatura.

Swedish word for Being


Tamil word for Being


Turkish word for Being