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Correct spelling: aura


Common misspellings for aura:

sence, arua, auroa, aur, eara, oura, aurua, arura, aira, anurag, auro, aurea, aure, auror, auora, aqur, aua, asura.

Aura \a(u)-ra\

Aura as a girl's name is pronounced AWR-ah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Aura is "wind". Greek mythology: Aura was the goddess of breezes. The word is used to describe the atmosphere surrounding an individual.
Related names:
Isaura, Auralee.
Arria, Aria, Ari, Eira, Orra, Uira, Iara, Ara, Airi, Ira, Yara.
Oria, Aure, Aurea, Auria, Auriana, Ora.

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Examples of usage for aura:

  1. It was the aura, moreover, which distinguished him and all other officers from the riff- raff which nowadays go to sea and ape their betters- the parsons and surgeons, the wireless operators and engineers. "Command" , William McFee.
  2. However, in spite of knowing that all of them fully deserved what they got, Iversen couldn't help feeling guilty as he ate steak while the other officers consumed fish, vegetables and eggs in an aura of unbearable virtue. "Once a Greech" , Evelyn E. Smith.

Quotes for aura:

  1. He has conferred on the practice of vacillation the aura of statesmanship. - Kenneth Baker
  2. I never had that star aura. - Lauren Holly
  3. This ceremony and the intellectual aura associated with the Nobel Prizes have grown from the wisdom of a practical chemist who wrote a remarkable will. - Stanford Moore
  4. At the moment of childbirth, every woman has the same aura of isolation, as though she were abandoned, alone. - Boris Pasternak
  5. You have to defeat a great players aura more than his game. - Pat Riley

Rhymes for aura:

  1. adora, aldora, andorra, angora, anora, arora, aurora, camorra.
  2. bora, cora, dora, flora, fora, gora, kora, laura.
  3. delora, eldora, elnora, eudora, fedora, gomorrah, gongora, honora, lora, lorah, madora, maura, medora, menorah, mora, morra, nora, norah, ora, pandora, pecora, plethora, senora, sonora, theodora, thora, torah, zippora, zora, zorah.
  4. eleanora, feodora, leonora, musidora.
  5. maquiladora.
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