How To Spell wear?

Correct spelling: wear

What is the definition of wear?

  1. have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality; "He always wears a smile"

What does the abbreviation wear mean?

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What are the rhymes for wear?

  1. scare, snare, care, gair, derr, hehr, lair, hare, faire, ne'er, pare, skare, rare, nair, herr, ware, flair, cher, blair, hair, lare, fair, sare, blare, clare, fer, pear, dare, mair, maire, khmer, heir, stare, glare, eyre, serr, stair, werre, there, terre, bahr, square, lehr, err, gehr, claire, flare, chair, kehr, baer, fare, share, air, ferre, mare, tear, where, mer, swear, darr, guerre, bear, they're, bare, clair, spare, pair, sayre, prayer, gare, bair, their;
  2. moliere, affair, impair, forswear, sinclair, montclair, adaire, belair, swissair, voltaire, aware, o'hare, pierre, compare, declare, midair, despair, beware, alair, allaire, astaire, prepare, comair, adair, dispair, abair, unfair, repair, ensnare, mcnair;
  3. millionaire, disrepair, questionnaire, solitaire, doctrinaire, unaware, usair, billionaire, debonair, javier, aer, icelandair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for wear?

Arabic word for Wear


Bengali word for Wear

পরিধান করা.

Chinese words for Wear

耐磨, 穿着, 佩戴, 身穿, 穿带, 披挂.

Dutch words for Wear

dragen, aantrekken, aandoen, verslijten.

French words for Wear

mettre, usage, usure, s'user.

German words for Wear

tragen, schwinden, abtragen, Abnutzung, Verschleiß, verschleißen, abnutzen, anhaben, Kleidung, Abrieb, User, Abrasion, sich abnutzen, Porter.

Greek word for Wear


Hindi word for Wear


Italian word for Wear


Japanese words for Wear

磨耗, まとう, 纏う, かぶる, ちゃくする, 冠る, ひっぱる, うがつ, きつける, 被る, おびる, 穿つ, 引っ張る, 佩びる, 引っぱる, 着付ける, 著する, めされる, まもう, 衰える, よろう, 引張る, 身に着けている.

Javanese word for Wear


Korean word for Wear

(옷을) 입다.

Malay word for Wear


Marathi word for Wear

परिधान करा.

Norwegian words for Wear

dra, ha på (seg).

Polish words for Wear

ubranie, zużywanie się.

Portuguese words for Wear

portar, trazer, calçar, estragar, trajar, levar vestido.

Romanian word for Wear

a purta.

Russian words for Wear

износ, одежда, изнашивание, истирание.

Spanish words for Wear

ponerse, colocar, llevar, utilizar, uso, traer, ropa, deterioro, desgaste, usar, gastar, consumir, deteriorar, vestir, lucir, llevar puesto.

Swedish word for Wear

ha på sig.

Turkish word for Wear


Ukrainian word for Wear