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How To Spell where?

Correct spelling: where

Definition of where:

  1. At which place or places; at or in what place; at the place in which; whither. Any where, in any place; whence.

List of misspellings for where:

  • whjere,
  • whirrl,
  • weref,
  • whril,
  • wgere,
  • whereup,
  • werrr,
  • were,
  • herei,
  • wheares,
  • whare,
  • werwer,
  • werfe,
  • whfere,
  • theyr're,
  • tehre,
  • whern,
  • whre,
  • awhere,
  • awaere,
  • whoeevr,
  • awaare,
  • lwhere,
  • shere,
  • waare,
  • whene,
  • werwerw,
  • warey,
  • whetheror,
  • twere,
  • weherre,
  • wheet,
  • ehere,
  • veere,
  • werte,
  • wehre,
  • wheare,
  • whrer,
  • warre,
  • whoree,
  • wasre,
  • were12,
  • howerer,
  • wherethe,
  • waterie,
  • welare,
  • qwere,
  • wereno,
  • wheren,
  • whren,
  • lehrer,
  • whire,
  • theyre,
  • wheher,
  • thwere,
  • whilr,
  • weari,
  • wewre,
  • bwere,
  • thatwere,
  • ywere,
  • wherher,
  • vthere,
  • herea,
  • were'd,
  • wheez,
  • whethere,
  • worre,
  • wered,
  • whgere,
  • wheras,
  • wheer,
  • vwery,
  • werer,
  • wewrw,
  • whatare,
  • newere,
  • nwere,
  • wherethey,
  • whee,
  • waher,
  • phero,
  • viwere,
  • nowehre,
  • 19there,
  • here,
  • werey,
  • verie,
  • weremy,
  • whear,
  • wqhere,
  • iwere,
  • whowere,
  • wherea,
  • worrey,
  • whenre,
  • iwhere,
  • whese,
  • voered,
  • wheep.

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This graph shows how "where" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for where:

  1. scare, darr, hehr, herr, share, skare, ne'er, square, mer, hare, lehr, werre, clare, their, tear, blair, gare, khmer, terre, nair, mare, cher, flare, dare, serr, blare, ware, bahr, faire, stair, heir, swear, rare, air, ferre, prayer, pear, lare, fare, bare, clair, stare, sayre, wear, claire, they're, pare, glare, lair, mair, bair, gehr, sare, maire, guerre, fair, snare, derr, err, flair, care, gair, hair, bear, spare, baer, eyre, fer, chair, pair, kehr, there;
  2. midair, declare, impair, astaire, adaire, affair, dispair, despair, compare, alair, prepare, moliere, repair, ensnare, comair, aware, allaire, beware, abair, pierre, belair, montclair, voltaire, adair, o'hare, mcnair, sinclair, forswear, unfair, swissair;
  3. millionaire, aer, doctrinaire, javier, disrepair, debonair, questionnaire, solitaire, icelandair, billionaire, usair, unaware;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for where:

Arabic word for Where


Bengali word for Where


Chinese words for Where

何处, 何所, 什么地方, 曷, 焉.

Dutch words for Where

waar, waarbij.

French words for Where

lorsque, onde, là où, l'endroit où, le lieu où, là que, ici que.

German words for Where

der, wo, wohin, woselbst.

Hindi word for Where


Japanese word for Where


Javanese words for Where

Dove, Ngendi.

Korean word for Where


Malay word for Where

Di mana.

Marathi word for Where


Norwegian word for Where


Polish words for Where

gdzie, dokąd.

Russian word for Where


Spanish words for Where

dónde, adónde.

Swedish word for Where


Tamil word for Where


Turkish word for Where


Ukrainian word for Where


Vietnamese word for Where

ở đâu.