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Correct spelling: war

Common misspellings for war:

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What does the abbreviation war mean?

WAR abbreviation definitions:
–  War Against Reason
–  Writing And Reading


skirmish, pitched battle, amphibious, incursion. dissension, rivalry, duel, mission, contend, dissonance. confrontation, wrestle. contention, tilt, faction, race, competition, discord. difference, difficulty. quarrel. contend, land, rivalry, faction, dissent, confrontation, difficulty, duel, dedication, cold, sea, chemical, quarrel, disagreement, contention, wrestle, Auschwitz, challenge, exertion, dispute, argument, aerial, incursion, state of war, dissension, discord, limited, psychological, antebellum, total, ground, work, fighting, dissonance, skirmish, amphibious, controversy, race, effort, mission, nuclear, division, care, religious, grapple, hot, allied, shooting, germ, biological, blitzkrieg, misunderstanding, clash, undertaking, tilt, civil, atomic, world, defensive, political, guerrilla, free-for-all, revolutionary, competition, match, pursuit, difference, strain. skirmish, pitched battle, incursion, mission. dispute, misunderstanding, argument, race, controversy, quarrel, disagreement, rivalry, competition. allied, armistice day, the Bay of Pigs, the Berlin Wall, the Battle of Britain, the Axis, Auschwitz, antebellum, confrontation, Benedict Arnold. dedication, care, strain, clash, exertion, dissonance, undertaking, difference, dissent, faction, pursuit, contention, work, difficulty, effort, discord, dissension, challenge, heavy lifting. contend, free-for-all, tilt, duel, wrestle. warfare. combat, battle, hostility, fighting, contest, contention, bloodshed, struggle, strike, conflict, warfare. barrage, raid, furor, charge, bombardment, sortie, outbreak, onslaught, assault, siege, aggression, foray, warfare, battle, strike, combat, frenzy, attack, fight, fury, storm, bloodshed, riot, invasion, tirade, spasm, thrust, violence, offense. combat, sortie. contention. state of war, warfare. crusade, conflict, jihad, engagement, contest, guerre, drive, struggle, scramble, offensive, warpath, scuffle, campaign, hostility, tussle. civil, world, aerial, land, total, shooting, guerrilla, ground, limited, political, fighting, defensive, hot, amphibious, cold, germ, psychological, biological, atomic, blitzkrieg, religious, sea, revolutionary, chemical, nuclear. clash, contend, attack, challenge.

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Examples of usage for war:

  1. England went to war – Eugenics and Other Evils by G. K. Chesterton
  2. No war party could take Laramie, but neither could any take Snedeker's. – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard
  3. You've had news from the war – The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley

Quotes for war:

  1. I shall proceed from the simple to the complex. But in war more than in any other subject we must begin by looking at the nature of the whole; for here more than elsewhere the part and the whole must always be thought of together.
  2. Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.
  3. When we go to war I will not ask the White Racist next to me what is he Christian or Atheist? I will only expect him or her to kill the enemy as I will.
  4. If you aren't please tell me how you are going to not have a war.
  5. Lenin was the first to discover that capitalism 'inevitably' caused war; and he discovered this only when the First World War was already being fought. Of course he was right. Since every great state was capitalist in 1914.

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  3. anymore, heretofore, livermore, guarantor, antiwar;