How To Spell current?

Correct spelling: current

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What is the definition of current?

  1. occurring in or belonging to the present time; "current events"; "the current topic"; "current negotiations"; "current psychoanalytic theories"; "the ship's current position"

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What are the rhymes for current?

  1. berndt, bernt, burnt, bernd, weren't, learnt;
  2. farrant, tarrant, aren't;
  3. concurrent, recurrent;
  4. intercurrent;

What are the translations for current?

Afrikaans word for Current


Arabic word for Current


Bengali word for Current


Chinese word for Current


Dutch words for Current

stroom, huidig, onderhavig, stroming, actueel, stroomsterkte, lopend, bestaand, geldend.

French words for Current

courant, actuel, présent, en cours, en vigueur, existant, moderne, récentes, existants, actualisé, considérée, présenté.

German words for Current

aktuell, gegenwärtig, momentan, derzeitig, jetzig, Strom, Stromstärke, laufend, augenblicklich, geltend, gängig, bestehend, herrschend, Strömung, elektrischer Strom, Lauf.

Hindi word for Current


Italian words for Current

vigente, attuale, esistente, corso.

Japanese words for Current

現在, 現行, カレント, 当座, 現下, とうざ, とうめん, ながれ, 現在の.

Javanese word for Current


Malay word for Current


Marathi word for Current


Norwegian word for Current


Polish words for Current

aktualny, obecny, bieżący.

Portuguese words for Current

atualizado, atual, corrente, atuais, actuais, atualizada, atualizados, actualizadas, atualizadas, actualizada, reais, correnteza.

Russian words for Current

нынешний, текущий, действующий, существующий, актуальный, ток, течение, поток, сегодняшний, теперешний.

Spanish words for Current

actualizado, actual, corriente, predominante, existente, vigentes.

Tamil word for Current


Turkish word for Current


Ukrainian word for Current


Vietnamese word for Current

hiện hành.