How To Spell currently?

Correct spelling: currently

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What is the definition of currently?

  1. In a current manner; generally; commonly; as, it is currently believed.

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What are the rhymes for currently?

  1. concurrently;

What are the translations for currently?

Afrikaans word for Currently


Arabic word for Currently


French words for Currently

actuellement, présentement, couramment.

German word for Currently


Greek word for Currently

επί του παρόντος.

Hindi word for Currently

वर्तमान में.

Italian word for Currently


Javanese word for Currently


Korean word for Currently


Marathi word for Currently


Polish words for Currently

obecnie, aktualnie, w tym momencie.

Portuguese word for Currently


Romanian word for Currently

în prezent.

Russian words for Currently

в настоящее время, сейчас, теперь, ныне.

Spanish word for Currently


Swedish word for Currently

för närvarande.

Tamil word for Currently


Turkish word for Currently

şu anda.

Ukrainian word for Currently


Vietnamese word for Currently

hiện nay.